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  • Providing the Best PPE Is No Guarantee: A Guide to Addressing Human Factors in your PPE Program

    Even the best PPE only works when worn—so how do you get workers to actually wear PPE all the time? PPE compliance is greatly influenced by a person’s state of mind, and being in a rush, frustrated, tired or complacent with hazards affects decisions around PPE compliance in critical moments. This paper addresses how to deal with human factors in your safety program to reduce injuries and improve PPE use among employees.


  • Choosing the Right Footwear for Your Workplace

    There are multiple factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate foot protection. Safety: Consider safety toe caps, metatarsal guards, steel plate soles, sole material and overall construction materials used. Fit: The end of the day is the best time to try on a new pair of shoes or boots; one-third of men are wearing shoes that don't fit properly. Comfort: Your feet should be immediately comfortable, you should not need a break-in period. When feet are comfortable, your knees, hips, and lower back are better aligned and supported. Be aware that no footwear can provide protection against all injuries.

  • Red Wing Shoes Presents: Summit Brewing

    This Red Wing Shoes video focuses on the passionate team of craft beer brewers at Summit Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since its founding in 1986, Summit Brewing has been committed to producing handcrafted beer inspired by traditional Midwestern heritage. Today, Summit’s seasonal, limited release and year-round brews are sold and enjoyed across the Midwest and can be found in states such as Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.

  • Fluor Values: Safety

    For the past century, Fluor has brought its unparalleled safety culture to all corners of the globe. It is a value so deeply entrenched that most employees say they cannot separate safety mindfulness from their working hours and their time at home. If something wouldn't be safe at a job site, it's not acceptable at home. There is a strong conviction in the voices of Fluor employees when you ask them about safety. In literally every Fluor office and within every Fluor project, all meetings of any kind begin with a relevant safety briefing. In this way, the value and importance of safety are continually kept in the forefront of employee consciousness. This safety mantra is evident at projects from the United States to China, and everywhere in between. It is this culture that has allowed Fluor to achieve a well-earned reputation as a safety leader in the global engineering and construction industry.