A modular ergonomic mat, with a comfortable and crush-resistant urethane compound, Rejuvenator Connect offers a high level of performance. It also has a 10-year resilience warranty.

    Superior Mfg. Group Inc.

    Recycled Matting

    Superior Manufacturing Group Inc.'s Diamond Flex-Lok™ high-performance matting system is now manufactured with 100-percent-recycled materials, joining several other PVC-based products in the new NoTrax® Recycled program. Made from a PVC compound, the mat offers high resistance to industrial chemicals, oils, and greases.

      New Pig Corp.


      New Pig Corp.'s new The PIG® Bend n' Shape™ Mat is designed to protect against potential slip and fall hazards. The moldable, absorbent mat conforms to any shape to control condensation, leaks, and drips. Its non-permeable, heavy-duty foil backing creates a form-fitting leak barrier for odd shapes and difficult places such as pipes, gearboxes, ductwork, hoses, and HVAC units.



        Ergomat Hygiene is a new non-porous rubber mat in the same proven ergonomic profile of the Ergomat Nitril. The new mat is exceptionally resistant to damage caused by alcohol, oxygenated and chlorinated compounds, and other caustic sterilization products, making it the ideal choice for food processing, commercial kitchens, hospitals, clinics and other critical environments. The Ergomat Hygiene is offered in four colors for easy visual identification where cross-contamination is a concern. Find out more by visiting AIHce Booth # 677, or