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  • COVID Antibody Test

    COVID Antibody Test

    OraSure Technologies, known for its innovative testing products for drugs of abuse and alcohol, is developing and expects to offer a COVID Antibody Test using oral fluid. This new test follows our easy-to-use process allowing for safe social distancing during the painless collection and offers lab accurate results. For more information visit

  • CarbonX FR PPE for COVID-19

    CarbonX FR PPE for COVID-19

    The CarbonX® Defender Masks protect against exposure to thermal hazards and COVID-19 like no other face mask on the market. With an outer shell of CarbonX non-flammable fabric and an interior layer of non-woven filtration media, the Defender Masks are highly protective as well as comfortable and reusable.


  • COVID-19 FAQs

    We are living in unprecedented times. Anxieties are high, and questions abound. That’s why our PPE experts have put together a new resource, containing answers to all of your safety-related COVID-19 questions, in a tidy downloadable PDF.

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