Aug 10 - 14

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

This hands-on program prepares participants to test and certify systems containing HEPA filtration and gas adsorption systems for nuclear and non-nuclear applications. Participants learn the latest regulatory requirements for nuclear air cleaning, develop an understanding of filtration theory, and gain the experience they need to maintain air purity with a comprehensive filter system. This program offers knowledge and essential hands-on training that will provide you with the experience and knowledge you need to meet the daily challenges of working with nuclear technology. Learning Objectives Include: - Test and certify high-efficiency particulate air-filtration and gas-adsorption systems for nuclear and non-nuclear applications - Verify airflow in ventilation and air-cleaning systems - Demonstrate an understanding of regulations issued by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the United States Department of Energy pertaining to air- and gas-cleaning activities - Operate testing equipment unique to air-cleaning, gas-cleaning, and ventilation systems - Discuss how US standards and regulations have become the international standard of excellence and the relationship between the US standards and the safety guides of the International Atomic Energy Agency - Explore the implementation of US standards, guides, and codes in other countries