Apr 22


As we focus on the needs of our aging employees, we are overlooking a potentially more challenging ergonomic conundrum — young people entering the workforce. The young men and women being recruited now have been using technology all their lives — in fact, they would probably struggle to survive without it. They have developed behavioral patterns and habits around using technology that will be impossible to change as they join our businesses. Drawing on their decades of experience in the ergonomics industry, Nigel Heaton and Guy Osmond will help you understand the ergonomic demands and expectations of the young workforce and how to integrate them into the realities of the workplace. Along with learning practical ways to manage young workers’ comfort and deal with their potentially pre-existing injuries, you’ll discover how to enable their productivity with guidance to: • Adapt current ergonomics strategies to accommodate the new behavior patterns of young employees • Recognize how your role and how you manage ergonomics may change as more millennials join your organization • Develop an action plan for managing an ergonomics program for both millennials and the aging workforce • And more!