Jul 16

Online Event

Why Should You Attend: An OSHA inspection can be a costly and disruptive experience for any employer, especially if that employer has not dealt with the Agency, does not have an in-house safety professional or attorney. An OSHA inspection that goes badly essentially says the employer has a defective safety program, is not sufficiently focused on the safety and health of its employees, or is willfully or flagrantly exposing its workers to harm. This OSHA inspection webinar will cover methodology of an OSHA inspection from how establishments are targeted, how to limit the scope of an inspection or investigation, how not to self-incriminate, and when and how to appeal. We will cover the 10 most common mistakes that often lead to bad outcomes in the event of an OSHA inspection. Understanding how to avoid these (mentioned below) pitfalls will result in fewer citations and smaller penalties: - Not knowing the enforcer and the applicable regulations/standards. - Not understanding how inspections are targeted. - Not recognizing that an employer can be liable for a hazard to another employer’s workers. - Not knowing what to do if an inspection is anticipated. - Not knowing or understanding the reason or probable cause for the inspection. - Now knowing how to limit the scope of an inspection. - Not strategically managing the inspection as to where the inspector goes, what he/she gets to look at, handling employee interviews, etc. - Not effectively managing documentation requirements and generating incriminating reports that can be requested by OSHA. - Not knowing what to do when citations are received. - Not knowing the appeals process and how to defend against a citation.