Apr 10

Online Training

Katharine Metters is very aware of the need to justify ergonomic interventions to employers. With a hybrid background composed of degrees in physical therapy and ergonomics, she has firsthand experience with the effects of a poor or non-existent workplace ergonomics program.

In this one-hour webinar, Metters will review research regarding workplace productivity and ergonomics plus share:

• Factors that may affect workplace productivity

• Choices available for computer workstation setup and design

• Practical tips and advice for desktop ergonomics

She’ll also provide insight on her direct participation in the development of computer peripherals and the impact they can have on overall productivity and injury reduction. Her unique combination of qualifications and her vast range of experience in office, health care, food production, retail, and utility sectors enables Metters to offer a very broad range of training and health and safety management practices for the workplace.