Mar 19 - 22

Harvard School of Public Health

Presented in collaboration with the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis — this program offers unparalleled expertise in risk analysis, covering the science and analysis of human health risk. Participants learn how to apply the science behind risk-based decision making, examine complex problems involving chemicals, radiation, and other hazards in the environment, discuss emerging analytic approaches, and review important issues with leaders in the field. Risk analysis plays an important role in environmental and public health decision making. Recent policy initiatives in the U.S., European Union, and elsewhere ensure that it will have increasing prominence for years to come. This program provides education on current risk analysis methods from a variety of backgrounds, but with a common interest in understanding how risk analysis is done, how it is interpreted, and how it influences regulatory decision making. Why You Should Participate The tools of risk analysis will play an increasing role in future public health efforts in the environment, food safety, and consumer and worker protection. New executive orders and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines, together with regulatory reform efforts overseas, make clear that risk analysis techniques and tools will be critical for successful initiatives. This program prepares you for the new risk environment.