Dec 14 - 16

Hotel Nikko

Jordan Barab, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, and Dr. John Howard, former director of NIOSH, will speak at the California Industrial Hygiene Council's 19th Annual Conference, along with a panel of world-class experts.

Key topics at the conference will be government and regulatory challenges; international challenges; biotech & pharmaceutical industry issues; energy & green; and public service & life safety. Speakers include Len Welsh, director of Cal-OSHA; Dr. Barbara Materna, chief of the Occupational Health Branch in the California Department of Public Health; Judi Freyman, vice president of ORC Worldwide; Maziar Movassaghi, acting director, DTSC, Cal-EPA; Steve Washburn, CEO of ENVIRON International; Frank Hearl, chief of Staff & Economic Programs, NIOSH; Dr. Zack Mansdorf, corporate vice president of L'Oreal International; Susan Ripple, Global Technical Leader for Dow Chemical; Dr. Don Lucas, associate director, EHS, University of California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories; Dr. Michael Fischman, medical director of Intel and associate professor at UCSF; Michael Whaley, director, EHS, Allergen Inc.; Jack Sahl, director, EHS, Southern California Edison; Amy Zimpfer, associate director, Air Division, U.S. EPA Region IX; and Laura Hodson, a NIOSH industrial hygienist. This will likely be the only opportunity on the West Coast to hear these experts during this next year.

In addition to the conference, CIHC has arranged for a two-hour session on professional ethics designed to comply with the new American Board of Industrial Hygiene certification requirements.