And the Winners Are . . .

The American National Standards Institute on Dec. 17 announced the winners of its Haiku for ANSI's 100th competition, a contest held in honor of the centennial anniversary of the institute's founding in 1918. Back in August 2018, ANSI had invited members of the standardization community and beyond to create a haiku that distills the essence of a voluntary standard to the standard haiku format.

Following their review of "over 50 outstanding submissions from a wide range of standards professionals and many other participants," ANSI's communications team selected a winning haiku in each of the five contest categories. The winners are:

Overall Best
Breathing unhindered,
fingers and toes free from harm.
Shhh… Baby sleeping.

Standard: ASTM F1169-13, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Full Size Baby Cribs

– Penny Arrowwood

Dangle high above
Winter chill bites feared fallen
Happy are those caught

ANSI/ASSP Z359.1-2016, The Fall Protection Code

– Sean Coughlin, UAW

Climbing to catch up
Ladder of wood, hand foot hand
Safely in the stars

ANSI ASC A14.1-2007, American National Standards Ladders - Wood

– Linda Doran, Maine Labor Group on Health

Despite all the care
The standard guides to manage
The cow just says moo

ISO TS 34700:2016, Animal welfare management

– Jeffrey Strauss, Northwestern University

Access to and use
Of the built environment
Is a human right

ANSI A117.1, Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

– Don Risdall, Pacific ADA Center, National Network of ADA Centers

Jerry Laws is the editor of Occupational Health & Safety.

Posted on Dec 18, 2018