@OccHealthSafety Reigns Supreme as Twitter Safety King

 After "Aporkalypse Now," Safety Cat decided he needed a long vacation. But he has swiped the dust motes off the old click clacker to share a bit of good news: OHSonline has the most influential safety handle on Twitter.

That's right, humans, you are looking at the site whose stories get re-tweeted, clicked on and followed the most. According to WeFollow.com, one of the largest and most popular databases for Twitter profiles, @OccHealthSafety is the most influential safety profile.

How did we do it?

Well, for one, no four legged canines were allowed to Tweet. Humans can only take so many bacon-related manifestos before they stop following.

For two, we used a great social media management system run by owls (HootSuite), who are second only to felines in their intelligence and are number one in techy-ness.

Then we made sure we not only sent humans relevant safety information from our site, but from other sites as well. Re-tweeting is the key to becoming Twitter safety king, humans.

Also, humans like to know that there is another human behind the profile to ensure that their precious tweets aren't being disseminated by an evil robot computer or something. Make sure you occasionally break out of the headline tweeting daze and mention something humanly, like football or how much you love you giving CPR to your dog, Rojo.

But enough about Safety Cat and his enterprising gaggle of OH&S editors. Here are some of @OccHealthSafety's  favorite safety Twitter handles:

1. HP&P Safety/HAZMAT Plans
Followers: 939/872
Following: 730/692
Twitter Bio: Workplace safety with emphasis on OSHA compliance - safety consulting, OSHA & DOT training
Why Bother? HP&P always has the latest safety and health news that the OH&S editors don't have time to cover. This is also a good profile for Buckeye fans and Ohio natives.

Followers: 68,903
Following: 2,192 (including your's truly)
Twitter Bio: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (our retweet, listing or following does not mean endorsement) Part of CDC.gov and HHS.gov.
Why Bother? Because it's the NIOSH. But also because they post valuable information ranging from the Department of Labor's regulatory agenda to recent NIOSH publications.

3. FallNoMore
Followers: 586
Following: 591
Twitter Bio: America's fall protection experts. We design, engineer, & install! We meet all OSHA & ANSI requirements.
Why Bother? The humans at FallNoMore are always looking out for the safety of humans with the guts to work more than 10 ft. off the ground, and their tweets reflect that. Any news related to fall protection can be found here.

4. ComDust
Followers: 275
Following: 376
Twitter Bio: Combustible Dust Fire and Explosion Hazard Awareness. Researching probability of occurrence of global incidents at the Combustible Dust Policy Institute.
Why Bother? The profile's owner, John Astad works at the Combustible Dust Policy Institute and sometimes tweets policy debates in real time. Follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest combustible dust news.

Followers: 6,611
Following: 75
Twitter Bio: Jobs, employment, workforce, safety, labor, government 2.0 issues and regulations news and information from the US Department of Labor.
Why Bother? By following USDOL, you save yourself the hassle of trying to find unemployment stats on their site. Plus, they Tweet policy Q&A's in real time.

Followers: 687
Following: 1,532
Twitter Bio: The solution resource for managing air, water, energy and waste issues.
Why Bother? Ohsonline's sister site covers everything from ecosystem conservation to wastewater violations.

7. alzasagroup
Followers: 386
Following: 104
Twitter Bio: News from and about The ALZASA Consulting Group, safety, workers' compensation, business news and tips as well as insurance and risk management issues.
Why Bother? Like hpandpsafety, alzasgroup tweets important news items that may have fallen through the cracks at OH&S HQ.

8. ToyotaEquipment
Followers: 2,697
Following: 2,550
Twitter Bio: MN & Wstrn WI - Toyota Forklift, Aichi, Taylor-Dunn - each account assigned a material handling specialist - GSA GS-07F-6106P
Why Bother? All manufacturing-related news such as safety automation is posted by them.

Honorable Mentions:


Safety Lists:

OccHealthSafety's OH&S Professionals
Explovent's Social Media for Safety

What are your favorite safety profiles and/or lists on Twitter, humans? Safety Cat wants to know.

Until next time, meow.


Posted by Safety Cat on Apr 27, 2010