YouTube's Top Five Commercial Safety Sites for Humans

Hello, my two-legged friends. Safety Cat is back to help keep your hairless hides intact. The last post took so much out of him, he spent the next week recovering. Typing for Safety Cat is not easy!

But because he pities your inability to walk on four legs, Safety Cat has delayed his ever-important naptime to bring you YouTube's top five non-government safety channels.

1. SafetyCareOnline

SafetyCareOnline is the YouTube channel for SafetyCare, which produces occupational, health and safety training DVDs. The channel provides previews for the company's top training videos.

Because you humans like to deprive yourselves of hours-long siestas during the day because of something called a "job," fatigue is very common in the workplace. Feeling tired at work is normal, but when you drop that anvil on SafetyCat's tail, it's over.

The video below talks about fatigue in the workplace.

2. 3M HealthSafety

Post-it bigwig 3M dedicates this YouTube channel to its health and safety division, which produces a wide range of personal protective equipment to keep your fragile limbs in place.

This video explains the latest features on the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100. What? No ear holes?

3. SafetyInstruction

SafetyInstruction writes and produces OSHA-compliant safety software and programs for the workplace.

This knife safety video describes how to use the proper protective gloves and how to handle and store knives.

4. Safety Products Inc.

Safety Products Inc. is a large safety equipment retailer in the Southeast. The company carries a wide range of product brands, including Gatorade, Sqwincher, 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Harley Davidson, and more. The company's channel features product demos from many of its clients.

This video features MSA's portable gas detector with MotionAlert and InstantAlert. SafetyCat will be using this to indicate when he wants to be fed, since his Human ignores his hunger wails.

5. Health and Safety TV

The fifth spot goes to our neighbors across that big pond with very big fish. Health and Safety TV is a site dedicated to providing video training clips and interviews relevant to the world of health and safety.

This video demonstrates how to use a safety harness correctly.

Well, that took longer than Safety Cat expected, but if he saves one of his fellow creatures from starving because his Human remembered to put on safety gloves, then he has done his job.

Until next time. Meow.


Posted by Safety Cat on Oct 02, 2009