Entertainment Company Faces Proposed Penalties, Citation After Fatal Workplace Fire and Explosion

Entertainment Company Faces Proposed Penalties, Citation After Fatal Workplace Fire and Explosion

Four workers lost their lives and one spent time in the hospital with “near-fatal injuries” after the December 2022 incident.

OSHA has cited an entertainment company following the death of four workers late last year.

In December 2022, four workers of Magic in the Sky Florida LLC lost their lives and a fifth who experienced “near-fatal injuries” was hospitalized after a fire and explosion, caused by an ignition, trapped them in an Orlando, Florida storage facility, according to a news release. The workers, aged 22 to 27, had been preparing fireworks “for a local show.”

Per the news release, OSHA said the entertainment company, based in Florida, did not:

  • “Ensure proper storage of explosive materials used in commercial fireworks displays.
  • Comply with OSHA's process safety management standard for preventing or minimizing the unplanned ignition of explosive materials, by performing a hazard analysis, and developing and implementing written process safety procedures and an emergency action plan.
  • Ensure electrical equipment in the work area was designed and classified for use in hazardous locations and could not serve as an ignition source.
  • Develop a hazard communication program and maintain safety data sheets.”

In the news release, OSHA Acting Area Office Director Audrey Windham in Orlando, Florida, said, "The deaths of four young workers and a fifth worker's life-changing injuries exposed Magic in the Sky's systemic failures that likely led to a fire and explosion the company could have prevented, which only adds to the tragedy.”

Magic in the Sky Florida LLC is now facing a citation for 10 serious violations and $109,375 in proposed penalties.

“Companies that use pyrotechnics must ensure safety protocols are strictly followed to protect workers from catastrophic consequences,” Windham continued.

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