OH&S Celebrates 14th New Product of the Year Contest

OH&S Celebrates 14th New Product of the Year Contest

Occupational Health & Safety’s annual product contest brought in more than 60 entries this year.

At OH&S we are happy to provide niche coverage of the safety and health industry and, in doing so, we often have ways of knowing and understanding how the future of the industry may play out. Our New Product of the Year contest is one of the ways we can watch innovative and intelligent solutions and products come to fruition year after year. 

Now, in its 14th year, the New Product of the Year contest has caught the eye of more than 30 companies, each hopeful for a trophy to commemorate their outstanding products and solutions. 

The New Product of the Year 2022 contest brought in over 60 entries in popular categories like Hand Protection, Internet of Things and Wearable Devices, but this was the first time OH&S offered the new product category “PPE for Women,” which saw four entries for products uniquely designed for women. 

The winners of the contest chosen by an independent panel of judges and will be featured in a special section of the November/ December issue of OH&S. You can also find exclusive coverage of our New Product of the Year contest at ohsonline.com/npoy. 

2022 New Product of the Year Entrants

Company Name, Product Entered, Product Category

A-SAFE Inc, A-SAFE StepBumper, Safety Barriers

Andax Industries, Transformer Containment Bag | Bag it ‘n Tag it, Lifting Safety

Andax Industries, Transformer Containment Bag | Bag it ‘n Tag it, Signage & Identification

Andax Industries, Big Containment Pac, Transportation Safety

Benchmark Digital Partners LLC, Benchmark ESG Med Data, EHS Software

Blackline Safety, Product Partnership: G7 EXO & Vlahi Systems Plume Monitoring, Emergency Response

e-Hazard, Low Voltage Qualified Electrical Safety Training and Hands-on Skills Demonstration, On-site Training

EXAIR Corporation, HollowStream Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle, Industrial Hygiene - Dust Control

FallTech, 8’ FT-X EdgeCore Class 2 Leading Edge Personal SRL, Fall Protection: Harness / SRL

Gateway Safety, Tri-Grip MTek, Hearing Protection

Gateway Safety, SoundStar JR, PPE for Women

Gateway Safety, SteelyBlues Metal Detectable Safety Eyewear, Vision Protection

Guardhat, Guardhat Gas Detection and Analytics Solution, Emergency Response

Guardhat, Guardhat Worker Condition Monitoring Solution, Internet of Things

Haws Corporation, Model 8780 Indoor Emergency Centralized Tempering Skid, Emergency Showers & Eyewash

Haws Corporation, AX16 AXION Advantage Lab Eye/Face Wash Retrofit Kit, Emergency Showers & Eyewash

Honeywell, Honeywell Miller H700 Harness, Fall Protection: Harness / SRL

Honeywell, Honeywell Perfect Fit, Hand Protection: Puncture- / Cut-Resistant

Honeywell, Honeywell Impact In-Ear PRO, Hearing Protection

Honeywell, Honeywell North Primair 900 Series Headgear, Respiratory Protection

Ironclad Performance Wear, Ironclad Command A3 PU Impact, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

KEEN Utility, Roswell Foot, Protection: Transitional Styles

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., Leviton Powerswitch Disconnect Switch with Inform Technology, Electrical Security

Litum Technologies, Forklift Collision Warning, Internet of Things

Litum Technologies, Forklift Collision Warning, Safety Monitoring Devices

Magid, D-ROC DX+ Technology Coreless Work Glove, Hand Protection: Puncture- / Cut-Resistant

Malta Dynamics, Malta Dynamics Type II Safety Helmet, Head Protection

MAPA Professional, Krytech 694, Hand Protection: Puncture- / Cut-Resistant

MCR Safety, MCR Safety Sasquatch, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Mechanix Wear, Mechanix Wear SpeedKnit Nitrile Coated M-PACT Gloves, Hand Protection: Chemical- /Liquid-Resistant

Mechanix Wear, Mechanix Wear SpeedKnit Nitrile Coated M-PACT Gloves, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Mechanix Wear, Mechanix Wear 40 Cal Arc Flash Suit, Protective Apparel

Mechanix Wear, Mechanix Wear Vision Type-X Safety Eyewear, Vision Protection

MSA Safety, MSA Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline, Fall Prevention

MSA Safety, MSA V-Gard C1 Hard Hat, Head Protection

MSA Safety, MSA V-Gard C1 Hard Hat, Heat Stress Prevention

MSA Safety, MSA ALTAIR io 4 Gas Detection Wearable, Industrial Hygiene - Gas Monitors

MSA Safety, MSA Advantage 900 Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirator, Protective Apparel

MSA Safety, MSA ALTAIR io 4 Gas Detection Wearable, Wearable Devices

Nextteq International, Ready/Go Hydration, Heat Stress Prevention

Portwest, AP55 - Waterproof Cut Impact, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Portwest, PW342 - PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Pants, High Visibility Products

Portwest, PW382 - PW3 Hi-Vis Women’s Winter Jacket,PPE for Women

Radians, Inc., Radians SJ930-3 Women’s Class 3 Quilted Bomber Jacket, PPE for Women

Safety Rail Company, Accu-Fit Cal 3209 Guardrail, Fall Prevention

Seraphina Safety Apparel & Manufacturing, LLC, Active Fit Sport Bra, PPE for Women

SlateSafety, BAND V2, Wearable Devices

Slice, Slice Auto-Retractable Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife, Safety Knives/Cutters

SOBRsafe, SOBRcheck, Safety Monitoring Devices

Streamlight, Inc., Streamlight Survivor X, Lighting

Superior Glove, STXWPNVB, Hand Protection: Chemical- /Liquid-Resistant

Superior Glove, 378TXTVBG, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Superior Glove, STXFNVB, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Superior Glove, S21TXUFN, Hand Protection: Puncture- / Cut-Resistant

SureWerx, Jackson Safety Freedom Welding Helmet, Head Protection

SureWerx, Due North GripPro Spikeless, Protective Apparel

Vaask, Vaask, Infectious Disease Control

VOS Systems, llc, PSD - Personal Safety Device, Internet of Things

VOS Systems, llc, PSD - Personal Safety Device, Safety Monitoring Devices

VOS Systems, llc, PSD - Personal Safety Device, Wearable Devices

Watson Gloves, Extreme #010BK, Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Watson Gloves, Stealth Phoenix #379, Hand Protection: Puncture- / Cut-Resistant

WaveCel, WaveCel Work T2+ PRO, Head Protection


This article originally appeared in the September 1, 2022 issue of Occupational Health & Safety.

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