Occupational Safety Expert Added to Biden’s Transitional COVID-19 Task Force

Occupational Safety Expert Added to Biden’s Transitional COVID-19 Task Force

The NSC released a statement of approval in response to a workplace safety expert’s appointment to President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force.

The National Safety Council voiced it’s approval of the addition of an occupational safety expert to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team COVID-19 task force.

Dr. David Michaels was announced as one of the three additions to the task force on November 28. The NSC is satisfied in Dr. Michael’s appointment, as it gives workplace safety a voice on the task force—something the organization called for in a November 17 statement.

Dr. Michaels, an epidemiologist and professor, was the assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health under President Obama.

President-elect Biden stated that Dr. Michaels is part of a group that will “strengthen the board’s work and help ensure that our COVID-19 planning will address inequities in health outcomes and the workforce.”

For more information, visit nsc.org.

About the Author

Nikki Johnson-Bolden is an Associate Content Editor for Occupational Health & Safety.

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