Sights from the Show Floor

Companies are finding innovative solutions to unique and challenging problems.

So far at the NSC Expo there have been new products in a multitude of categories, but some companies and organizations are faced with unforeseen challenges that employees must deal with every day.

The deb group is working with Stoko to bring head cleansing standards that exist abroad over to the states. Typically hand protection is tied to the glove industry, but the deb group develops cleansers and lotions that have to go on to the hands before the gloves do in order to protect them from harm. Deb has a six-step program that takes a holistic approach to hand care and prevention.

Imagine you had to get on a flight from coast-to-coast with four manikins for emergency training. How would you do it? The people at the Red Cross have partnered with Prestan, based in Mayfield Ohio, to help solve this solution. Weighing in at 13 pounds, the Ultralite Manikin pack includes four stackable torso, heads and pistons, making it the most lightweight and compact manikin available. This helps employees that work in urban environments travel and move around with the equipment they need.

The Red Cross is also introducing the 10/30 training program through a partnership with Summit Training Source. These courses can be delivered online, and as another solution to a common yet unforeseen problem, the 10-hour course is offered in Spanish. This allows new employees whose first language is Spanish to get the training they need in order to safely do their job.

These solutions are just a small sample of the unique ways in which companies here at NSC are attempting to innovate in multiple markets in order to solve niche problems.

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