Sullenberger Keynote, Expo to Highlight NSC's First Day

Here's your chance to get an early look at new products being exhibited at the Orlando conference.

Professional development seminars on Oct. 20-21 will kick off this year's National Safety Congress & Expo, with the conference hitting high gear the following day, when Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III, the retired U.S. Airways pilot who successfully ditched a damaged jetliner in the "Miracle on the Hudson" incident, keynotes the 8:30 a.m. session. NSC Chairman Kent McElhattan and President & CEO Janet Froetscher also are speaking at this 8:30 a.m. session.

When the session comes to an end at 10 a.m., the expo opens for what promises to be the first of three busy, productive days for exhibitors and attendees.

The National Safety Council's preliminary program contains lists of the educational sessions, and tracks, along with seminars, exhibitors, and keynote speakers. Visit for additional details; an online list of exhibitors and an expo floor plan are available at this site.

This article highlights some of the new products that will be exhibited during the conference.

The LABELgenerator by 3E is a web-based product for the selection and generation of labels at the facility level. The tool supports dynamic labels with operator-entered, print-time data values and provides both form field and prompt functionality. It maximizes portability via PDF format, reduces Citrix licensing and complexity, and reduces bandwidth requirements. Booth 1709.

Versaflo Respirator Systems by 3M are a comfortable, comprehensive approach with three easy-to-select modules – headgear, breathing tubes, and air sources -- that can be combined into dozens of system configurations. This allows users to experience maximum flexibility as they move from one environment to another or from one application to the next. Booth 1801.

The Disposable Padlock Seal by Accuform Signs is shaped like a padlock and has the functionality of a seal. The seal is rated up to 100-pound pull strength. The plastic shackle band is a one-time use only and must be cut for removal. Booth 2315.

The ProFlex 8190D Thermal Waterproof Gauntlet Glove with OutDry from Ergodyne features the most advanced waterproof/windproof technology available. The OutDry patented lamination process directly bonds a breathable membrane to the inside of the glove's outer shell to create one unique, seam-sealed, waterproof entity. Gloves with OutDry are thinner while still being warmer, drier, and providing superior dexterity. Booth 1337.

Safety Inspection Live (SI Live) from ChemSW is a solution that enables users to perform safety inspections using the most popular mobile handheld devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android. By eliminating duplicate transcription processes and enabling users to enter inspection data at the time of inspection, the system ensures greater data accuracy and process efficiency. Booth 1082.

The RRS-3-MB II remote racking system by CBS ArcSafe enables service personnel to remain outside the arc flash protection boundary while installing or removing the GE Magne-blast circuit breaker, significantly reducing the need for a full-body arc flash hazard suit. The system utilizes the pre-existing control circuit for raise and lower operations. Booth 2636.

The ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Passport mobile app by the Health & Safety Institute is a content retention tool that puts emergency care skills and knowledge at a student's fingertips. This app, free with an emergency care certification card, offers emergency care topics, reference videos, program-specific digital books, video segments from training courses, and contact information for the Training Center. Booth 2746.

The DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) by Capital Safety is designed to be used in place of traditional lanyards and can be attached directly to any harness, reducing fall clearance and improving safety. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, the Nano-Lok can be arranged as a single or twin-leg SRL. It keeps tension on the lifeline at all times, reducing dragging, snagging, and trip falls. Booth 2101.

The Accenture Life Safety Solution by Industrial Scientific is an innovative, wireless gas monitoring solution that combines wireless and RF location-based technologies with a personal gas monitor to safeguard people working in hazardous environments. The solution deploys a plant-wide Wi-Fi wireless network that allows for continuous, real-time remote monitoring of people and the environment they are working in to prevent incidents. Booth 2015.

QRy by SiteHawk offers the quickest MSDS lookup in the industry. Using the latest QR code technology, QRy eliminates the need to manually search and scan for the right safety data sheet. Personnel can scan the SiteHawk-generated QR label with their favorite mobile QR code reader. QRy then retrieves the safety data sheet instantly on the user's mobile device. Booth 2346.

"Miracle on the Hudson: Prepare for Safety" by DuPont Sustainable Solutions revisits the day Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger was forced to land Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. By sharing the four "Cs" of safety -- competence, compassion, commitment, and communication -- the program gives employees a real-life look at how they can become prepared to act quickly and efficiently in an emergency. Booth 601.

The Tecasafe Plus line by TenCate Protective Fabrics includes a comfortable, moisture-wicking knit version for use in Healey shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, and polos. The knit has a category 2 level arc flash protection with an 8.2 rating (ATPV). The knits can be laundered through industrial laundry. Booth 947.

The North Compact Air 200 Series belt-mounted Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) by Honeywell has a triple alarm system to alert the user of low air flow and low battery life. The system includes an audible series of beeps and a vibration that can be felt even when wearing a life jacket. Booth 1532.

Nemesis polarized safety glasses by Kimberly-Clark Professional's Jackson Safety provide a specialty lens that will reduce the oriented light that causes glare. They allow the wearer to see fine details and deep colors without eyestrain, eye stress, and fatigue. The lens doesn't compromise or sacrifice clarity, performance, or durability. Booth 1647.

MAPS (Material Analysis Profiling System) by SiteHawk empowers companies by helping them unlock opportunities to become greener, safer, and smarter. With MAPS, users can discover product issues earlier in the product-development life cycle, enabling them to gain market advantage with products that meet customer and market expectations. Booth 2346.

The RSA-180 Masterpact NT Remote Switch Actuator by CBS ArcSafe attaches to the front of the NT switchboard without the need for any modification to the switchboard. This tool allows service personnel to remotely charge, close, and trip the NT circuit breaker safely from outside the arc flash hazard borders. Booth 2636.

ForceFlex DN100 by MCR Safety combines the most popular glove manufacturing process with one of the world's most cut- and abrasion-resistant materials, as well as back-of-hand protection. The Dyneema shell provides 360 degrees of cut and abrasion protection. A polyurethane polymer coating in the palm and fingers enhances grip and performance. Booths 1658, 1659.

With the H-700 Series Hard Hat featuring the Uvicator sensor by 3M, it's easy to tell when it's time to replace a hard hat due to UV exposure. The sensor changes color from red to white as the hard hat is exposed to UV light, alerting the wearer the time has come for a replacement. The lightweight hat is a great choice for extended comfort and protection. Booth 1801.

Guardian Fire Safety Solutions by Lincoln Electric are for weld fume extraction and filtration systems. The products are engineered to reduce the risk of fires in the metalworking and fabrication industry. They contain several components that can be combined to create a system solution. Included are products that prevent, detect, and suppress a fire. Booth 1159.

HyFlex 11-644 gloves from Ansell include ANSI Level 2 cut protection to boost on-the-job confidence, High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) yarn for comfort and a cool, soft feel, and a polyurethane coating for dexterity, durability, and grip. The gloves also provide ANSI Level 5 abrasion protection and can be laundered with minimal shrinkage and excellent recovery to extend product life. Booth 901.

The Red Tag line from Brady Corp. includes red tags, signs, stations, and kits, so the line is essential to lean and 5S initiatives with an emphasis on organization. As items and tools are sorted, those found unnecessary are marked with red tags and then removed from designated red tag holding areas. Booth 2459.

MSDgen 6.50 by 3E is an enhanced version of the MSDgen Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) authoring system. The new version enables users to more productively develop and distribute compliant and reliable hazard communication documents that conform to today's rapidly evolving and complex regulatory requirements, including OSHA's new Hazard Communication Standard 2012. It generates HazCom 2012-conforming data sheets and labels. Booth 1709.

The G60 EN388 Level 5 Cut Resistant Sleeve with Dyneema fiber by Kimberly-Clark Professional's Jackson Safety has nylon, Lycra fiber, and a glass liner that provide cut resistance and a comfortable fit. The Gusset and Proprietary Closure on arms have adjustable straps and fit a variety of arm widths. A Velcro wrist closure creates a secure barrier to reduce skin exposure hazards. Booth 1647.

The Butterfly Valve Lockout Device from Brady Corp. secures onto a butterfly valve lever at the pivot point so that it may not be engaged or moved. The device comes in two sizes and will accommodate different valve handle thicknesses. The small version works for 1/8- to 2-1/2-inch handles, while the large version provides for 2- to 4-inch valves. Booth 2459.

Look 'n Stop Group Lock Box by Accuform Signs holds up to 44 padlocks with slots, locks in five places, and combines both hinge and sliding mechanisms to secure the box in a closed position. With the use of keyholes, the unit can be mounted, or it can be portable and used on the go. Booth 2315.

Product Showcase

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