The Anti Sleep Pilot application calculates your fatigue level while you are behind the wheel.

EH&S Apps for All Seasons

Traffic reports, CPR guidance, chemical safety data sheets, an OSHA general industry standards guide, and many more resources are a touch away.

The release in January of an iPhone app that will alert users if someone is having a cardiac emergency nearby got us thinking: Among the more than 350,000 apps available today, what are the best EH&S apps?

We searched, checked users' ratings, and compiled a short list of favorites. Realizing we've probably missed many very good or even essential ones, we invite you to suggest additions to this list by submitting a comment. Assuming enough safety, health, and environmental professionals weigh in, this list will be a top-notch resource in no time.


Cardiac arrest victim and nearest AED location app:
San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, To try it free, search "fire department" at the Apple App Store. This iPhone app will alert users who have indicated they are trained in CPR if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may need help. The app also directs the citizen rescuers to the exact location of the closest public access AED.

Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide:
Jive Media Inc., The American Heart Association's Pocket First Aid & CPR application includes the latest emergency information from AHA.

Bio-Detek, Inc., This app uses the accelerometer hardware in the iPhone for real-time coaching and feedback as CPR is learned and practiced. It measures the rate and depth of compressions, telling the student whether to push faster or slower, harder or softer.

Weather Alerts

Pascal Creer, This app provides weather conditions and forecasts for pilots and is available in Lite and Pro versions. Get current and precise weather conditions (METAR) as well as weather forecasts (TAF), which are used by pilots for their flight preparations. You can choose worldwide airport weather stations from the built-in database by either name or ICAO code.

Driving Safety & Traffic Reports

Anti Sleep Pilot:
Anti Sleep Pilot, The Anti Sleep Pilot application calculates your fatigue level while behind the wheel and continuously maintains your alertness through simple tests. It is available for iPhone versions 3GS and 4G.

California Traffic Report: Developed by the University of California San Diego division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, this app gets its traffic data from Caltrans, so it covers only the jurisdiction for which Caltrans has traffic information.

INRIX Traffic:
INRIX Inc., This app for iPhone, iPad, and Android provides real-time traffic reports for 129 cities -- accidents, construction, and events -- and is powered by a community of more than 2 million drivers, according to the company.

OTTER: Available in English and Spanish, this application allows users to manage text messages while at home, in the office, or on the road. The application features a GPS mode, a manual mode with three one-touch text response buttons, and a timer auto-reply function that manages incoming texts during specific times.

Fire & Emergency

FEMA: This app provides FEMA contact information.

NEC Changes:
National Fire Protection Association. This app highlights changes between the 2008 and 2011 versions of the National Electrical Code. To download it free, visit from your smartphone.

NFPA Mobile:
National Fire Protection Association. Visit on your mobile phone to download it.

Chemical Safety/EH&S

NIOSH Chemical Hazards -- the 2010 NIOSH Pocket Guide:
Random Support, LLC, This $2.99 app offers the complete contents of the 2010 NIOSH pocket guide on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Chemical Safety Data Sheets:
ThatsMyStapler Inc., Free, this app provides International Chemical Safety Cards produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization.

Affytrac Mobile:
Affygility Solutions, For iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone, it allows users to instantly access important environmental, health, and safety information from the field.

iOSHA 1910 e-Reference by Integrated Safety Technologies:
Integrated Safety Technologies, LLC, Priced at $8.99, this app provides keyword-searchable access to OSHA general industry regulations.


Green Map:
Green Map System Inc., At $1.99, it allows users to locate nearby green sites such as farmers' markets, green buildings, and bike lanes around the world. Visit on your phone.

Tree Hugger:, Tree Hugger is free and bills itself as a "one-stop shop for green news, solutions and product information."

EPA and CEQ Regulations:
Tekk Innovations LLC, This app costs $29.99. It provides the complete text of Title 40 CFR, Protection of Environment.

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