New Products Steal the Show

Attendees had the opportunity to test out a new Web-based eye safety program at the Eyelation booth. The company’s software, which can be installed as kiosk at any company, allows employees to find a flattering pair of glasses by virtually “trying on” a wide variety of frame styles. The software uploads a user’s face and eye measurements in a few easy steps. First, the user puts on the Eyelation fitting pad, a clear adhesive strip that sticks to the forehead. A built-in camera then takes a picture of the user.

The software uses the markings on the fitting pad to create exact measurements of the user’s face and displays the image onscreen. The user can then browse through frame options that can placed on the image of their face. The user can then scan his/her prescription into the kiosk and purchase the frames. The program is geared to help companies manage their eye safety programs.

Capital Safety showcased a large selection of its fall protection products. At the show, the company introduced the Cynch-Lok™ fall restriction device from its DBI-SALA line. The Cynch-Lok fall restricting pole strap offers unique design that will “cynch” around a pole to limit fall distances when used correctly. The unit’s exterior strap offers simple slide-into-place adjustment to fit the pole and to allow climbers to adjust to the pole diameter while climbing, while the interior lanyard provides a rope adjustor for climbers to quickly and easily position themselves on the pole. Ergonomic strap ends give the user a comfortable gripping location away from pinch hazards and allow for standard hitch-hiking motion without aggressively manipulating the strap up and down. The pole strap is approved to meet the Canadian CSA Z259.14 standard for type A straps and its gated connectors are ANSI Z359 approved.

Additionally, the company presented the Delta III harness, which offers a No-Tangle™ triangle pattern that allows the harness to easily fall into place when donned and maintains ideal spacing of shoulder straps to eliminate rubbing and chafing. The 420-pound capacity harness features Tech-Lite™ Quick Connect Buckles, made of alloy aluminum material, Revolver™ Torso Adjusters, and liquid-resistant Repel™ Webbing to promote comfort and prevent mold.

Cintas highlighted its training programs, proving that it’s much more than just a uniform company. Its “Blended Training and Compliance Solutions” offer a combination of classroom, online, and Blueprints for Safety® training and compliance programs. Employers can choose a blended mix of two or three of these training approaches.

Course topics include first aid/CPR/AED, Fire Extinguisher, Forklift training, bloodborne pathogens, respiratory & fit testing, personal protective equipment, and hazard communication. For employers seeking on-site training, OSHA-certified Cintas trainers provide video-based instruction and hands-on practice. The online programs offer a pay-per-view pricing structure, along with a learning management system that lets users plan, track, and maintain recordkeeping.

The Blueprints for Safety® programs provide a step-by-step process for hazard awareness, control, and employee training with recordkeeping forms, training videos, overhead templates in PowerPoint, learning exercises, and employee handbooks.

Product Showcase


    With alkaline or rechargeable options, these safety rated, Class 1, Div. 1 Headlamps provide long runtime with both spot and flood options in the same light. Work safely and avoid trip hazards with flexible hands-free lighting from Streamlight. 3

  • SwabTek® Cannabis Test Kit

    The SwabTek® Cannabis Test Kit is a single-use spot test designed for use in screening for cannabis compounds in any sample type or on any surface. The test is capable of identifying the presumed presence of cannabinoids in very small quantities, with a level of detection as little as 6 μg in mass. Learn more about the SwabTek® Cannabis Test Kit and the rest of SwabTek surface drug testing solutions through the webinar titled "Everything You Want To Know About Surface Testing" 3

  • Preventative Heat Safety

    Dehydration and heat exposure impair physical and cognitive performance. Proper hydration boosts heat stress resilience, but hydration needs are highly individualized and hard to predict across a workforce. Connected Hydration® empowers industrial athletes to stay safe through behavioral interventions, informed by sports science, and equips safety teams with critical insights to anticipate high-risk situations and adapt to evolving environmental factors. Curious about applying the latest in sports science based hydration strategies for industrial athletes? Stop by booth #1112 at AIHA or schedule a free demo today at 3