ASSE Encourages ‘ICE’ Participation

One of the items inside the shoulder bag that comes gratis with every Safety 2010 registration is a red placard from ASSE that encourages participation in a simple but effective emergency notification system that could potentially save lives. The plan is known as “ICE,” an acronym for “In Case of Emergency,” and it is a proactive effort designed to provide emergency personnel with next-of-kin contacts via a patient’s mobile/cellular phone when the need arises.

According to ASSE, police, fire, and other emergency personnel across the United States are using this free service, which simply involves checking cell phones if those injured are incapable of providing the necessary medical information themselves.

Participation in the plan does not take much, but you do need to make sure the contact you enter into phone is easy to reach. If you add more than one “ICE” contact, then add a numeral so the multiple entries will appear in order in your cell phone’s directory or address book. When making your new entry, just enter the letters “ICE,” followed by your contact’s name and priority number for responders to reach, like this:

  • ICEjohndoe1 555-555-5555
  • ICEmary2 555-555-5555

Make sure your “ICE” contacts have a phone list of family members, primary care physicians, and your main work contact. Also, provide the person or people you choose as your “ICE” contacts with any pertinent medical conditions you have, such as allergies, current medications, and previous medical procedures.

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