Law 3 Protective Eyewear

Revised Eye & Face Standard Takes Hazard-Based Approach

The Z87 Committee on Safety Eye and Face Protection has completed Z87.1-2010 and changed the standard's organization, committee Chairman Dan Torgersen says.

The chief U.S. consensus standard for protective eyewear and face protection products has been revised for 2010, with the committee behind it reorganizing it so that it is focused on the hazards workers experience rather than the configuration of the product. Dan Torgersen, chairman of the Z87 Committee on Eye and Face Protection and also vice president of Walman Optical of Minneapolis, said this approach will encourage end users to evaluate the hazards at their sites and select the PPE based on the analysis -- the classic and recommended way to choose PPE.

"Regardless of protector type, the risk to the wearer remains the same. With the end user in mind, the committee agreed early on that the standard should represent a more hazard-based approach," Torgersen said. The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) announced the new version's approval by ANSI in an April 15 news release.

ISEA administers the committee. Torgersen said the Z87.1-2010 standard "attempts to harmonize with already existing global documents and safety practices" and noted manufacturers of eye and face PPE have an important role to play in educating end users about matching their hazards with the product markings. The standard includes a "Selection Chart" that can be posted to assist in product selection, ISEA said. The association is selling copies of the standard for $57, with discounts on bulk orders. Contact Cristine Fargo, ISEA director of member and technical services, at [email protected] to order.

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