Deadliness of Distracted Driving Demonstrated Firsthand

One thing you notice while walking from booth to booth, meandering the many aisles here in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando where some 800 exhibitors representing all segments of the safety and health industry have set up shop for the week, is that the booths that attract the most attention, the ones that draw the crowds, are those conducting hands-on demonstrations, inviting attendees to get involved and actively participate.

Such is the case over at booth #2969 on the Expo floor, where Toronto-based AlertDriving is holding court. The company offers Web-based fleet risk management systems and this week is showcasing its state-of-the-art Global Driver Safety Training platform, called FleetDefense(SM). According to Tom Hatch, the company’s global safety standards officer, this year’s NSC Congress & Expo coincided with the release of the re-mastered edition of AlertDriving’s Deadly Distractions module in the United States. The new release includes updated video, content, and statistics, with an increased emphasis on cell phone use and texting.

"One of the most prevalent issues affecting today's fleets is distracted driving, representing 80 percent of all collisions in the United States alone," Hatch said. "The adjustments to the module we have made will go a long way towards ensuring we continue to reduce collisions, personal injuries, costs and liability exposure for our clients, while generating a significant return on investment."

NSC attendees visiting the AlertDriving booth are getting to experience those adjustments firsthand in 10-minute demos of the module. If you did not attend this year’s conference or have already returned home and somehow missed out on the demonstration, you can find information on Deadly Distractions at the company’s Web site,

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