Site Offers Tools to Boost Employee Performance Despite Slump

Take the Lid Off Inc., a company specializing in self-mastery tools for increasing employee performance and job satisfaction, announced the official launch of -- a Web site that offers businesses tools and techniques for weathering the economic downturn being felt across the United States.

" provides resources for employers and employees coping with the changing economy," said Patricia Wall, president of Take the Lid Off Inc. "When the economy is more challenging, employees need different tools to increase sales numbers, or to produce more effectively and creatively. Employers can equip their people with techniques that work in a downswing economy."

Wall, who has been teaching people and businesses how to improve their productivity for more than a decade, provides accessible, practical tools and resources that enable employees to reach new levels of job satisfaction and productivity. The impact on a company's revenues can be dramatic and quick when applied to sales, said Wall, and provides sustainable positive change in other areas. Workshop attendees are impressed by sustainable results.

"I found learning the tools and applying them proved to be sustainable," said Mary Ford, a financial consultant. "I applied what I learned to produce business results that were unexpected and surpass anything I believed possible. This year my results are double what they were last year, and may very well triple. I have great clients, I'm getting consistent referrals, and it's all happening in fewer hours -- leaving more time for the other areas of my life."

Wall embraces a holistic approach, based in self-mastery, that impacts every aspect of a person's life. It is a different perspective for the corporate world, but one that is catching on quickly. Few corporations understand how deeply and directly the subconscious influences behavior, interactions, results -- and ultimately, the bottom line, Wall explained. "The effects of the subconscious cannot be changed with will power, attitude or effort. Procrastinators still procrastinate, worriers are distracted by worry, and go-getters get stymied by consumer fear until people learn to master the subconscious mind and eliminate their personal challenges."

Participants agree that with the tools and information provided in Wall's customized corporate workshops, employees can identify and learn to eliminate bad habits and self-sabotage at the root cause. "Trying" is replaced by accomplishment, and frustration is replaced by achievement.

Wall is making a difference, one corporation at a time. She recently conducted a seminar at a powerhouse Canadian financial firm -- to rave reviews. "We recently held a seminar with Patricia Wall as the featured speaker at a career event," said Rick Ford, division director. "In my line of work, I run into many people who are unsure of exactly what they want from their careers.

By giving people an opportunity to hear Patricia speak about personal fulfillment in the workplace, we felt we could attract the highest quality people who would be the best fit for our firm on a long-term basis. Results were tremendous; we've already booked Patricia for a spring workshop."

So how does Wall's process work? offers powerful workshops that improve the bottom line by:

-- Reducing absenteeism: Subconscious self-sabotage creates both illness and avoidance behaviors that can be eliminated.

-- Increasing employee productivity: Tools and insights can eliminate distraction, "busy" work, procrastination, and dramatically reduce mistakes and do-overs.

-- Improving employee satisfaction and morale: Replacing subconscious negative reactions provides employees with a sense of personal status obtained through achievement, so people literally feel good about working harder.

-- Building a cooperative and contributive work environment: As employees learn to manage subconscious reactions in themselves and others, office politics falls away without direct effort.

-- Increasing monthly sales: In a downswing economy sales are expected to fall, and the subconscious demands conforming to expectations. Removing conform programs and other subconscious blocks takes the lid off sales results -- and makes anything possible.

-- Increasing networking scope: Some report this result is realized because of increased confidence and time, others because of increased energy and interest. The most common reported result is that networking becomes more fun and rewarding, and the employee becomes an originator of networking interactions instead of a participant.

-- Enhancing synergies within the company: Out-of-the-box thinking generates new energy, new ideas and new dynamics. The positive results are often unexpected because the ideas are new.

"This process goes beyond success by allowing people to remove weaknesses most consider innate, and discover strengths they didn't know existed, all by tapping into the subconscious," Wall said. "The impact on the corporate bottom line is direct and immediate as performance increases, relationships become supportive and contributive, and employees enjoy personal status in their success at work."

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