On Demand

Industrial Emergency Response: Do You Need an In-House Response Team

In this free webinar, we will discuss how to determine if, and when, you need an in-house emergency response team, factors to consider when implementing a new ERT team, how to set up an emergency response team, skillsets needed for choosing your ERT members, and what training they will need based on response types.

Duration: 1 1/2 Hours

Powering Progress: The Power of Connected Safety

Join Wesco’s team of safety experts for this free webinar where they will explore how connected safety solutions can help your business mitigate risk, manage compliance and protect your workforce.

Duration: 1 Hour

How to Digitize Your Safety Programs for the Modern Age – A Step-by-Step Guide

During this free webinar, we will dive into the importance and process of digitizing safety programs, providing a comprehensive guide to ensure success.

Duration: 1 Hour

Essential Insights for Workplace Fall Protection: An In-Depth Review of the Most Frequently Asked Questions in the World of Rooftop Safety

During this free webinar, Kee Safety will showcase innovative solutions designed to protect workers during routine maintenance and various rooftop tasks. Expert speaker Dan Huntington will share practical tips, engaging the audience in an interactive learning experience. Join us to enhance your understanding of fall protection, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions that prioritize worker safety.

Duration: 1 Hour

Facilities Services and Public Works

Remember all Activities have associated Hazards that need to be Evaluated to see if the proper Safeguards are in place. If not, additional Safeguards must be put in place before work activities start. Join us for this free webinar to share and expand our Facility Services/Public Works safety consciousness.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hazard Communication: Now #2 in the Top 10 OSHA Frequently Cited Standards

In this free webinar, we will discuss the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) current requirements for Hazard Classification, Labels, Safety Data Sheets and Information and Training and share ideas on how to stay compliant and avoid violations.

Duration: 2 Hours

Managing the Complexities of a Fall Protection Program: ANSI Z359.14, Hazard Assessment, PPE Selection, and Custom Solutions

Join the free webinar on August 16th for an overview of key things you should know about fall protection standards, PPE, and systems, including: Updates to ANSI Z359.14 for Types and Classifications of SRDs, Differences between Leading Edge and Non-Leading Edge ANSI testing and requirements, Hazard Assessments and Selecting the Proper Fall Protection PPE and Benefits of Custom Fall Protection System Solutions

Duration: 1 Hour

EHS and LMS Platforms – A Match Made in Safety

Join us for this free webinar as our experts will guide you on an informative journey, showcasing how our enrollments feature empowers you to effortlessly assign corrective training, whether it's from incidents, near misses, observation modules, or beyond.

Duration: 1 Hour

“Hears” to Workplace Safety: How to Create a Sound Hearing Conservation Program

This free webcast will look at your responsibilities around hearing conservation in the workplace, including: Creating a hearing conservation program, Monitoring, Audiometric testing, Hearing protectors and Training

Duration: 1 Hour

How to Prevent Utility Worker Electrical Fatalities

This free webinar will look at the electrical fatalities that occurred between 2011 and 2021 to understand which occupations are more likely to be involved in electrical fatality, the action that led to the fatality, the source of the electrical fatality, and what can be done to prevent utility worker electrical fatalities.

Duration: 1 Hour

FR/AR Myths and Misconceptions: Plus, some Do’s and Don’ts about Flame-Resistant & Arc Rated Clothing

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to FR and AR clothing. In this free webinar, Derek Sang, Bulwark's technical training manager, will address some of the most common ones and provide some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your protective gear.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hearing Conservation: Hear from the experts in tablet-based hearing testing solutions

Join us for this free webinar to learn more about choosing the right solution for your hearing conservation testing program. We’ll be covering the advantages of tablet-based audiometry and testing, features to look for, tips to ensure your program is OSHA compliant, navigating audiological reviews, and other important factors to consider when making a switch.

Duration: 1 Hour

Digital Fire Extinguisher Training – Train Your way

In this free webinar we will discuss the differences and benefits between Live Fire and Digital Fire when it comes to Fire Extinguisher Training.

Duration: 1 Hour

Confined Spaces: Understanding OSHA 1910.146 and 1926.1200 Standards

This free webinar will address some common challenges in assessing and entering confined spaces.

Duration: 1 Hour

Recognizing Dust Hazards in the Workplace: Combustible Dusts and Exposure to Poor Indoor Air Quality

In this free webinar, you'll acquire skills to swiftly spot and understand unsafe conditions in your everyday work setting. You'll learn to assess whether you or your employees are at risk and figure out the appropriate action to ensure a safe work environment.

Duration: 1 Hour