October 2010

October 2010

  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY: The Value of Thermography
  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY: After the Flood
  • INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE: Does Your Gas Monitor Do What You Think It Does?
  • HEALTH CARE: Creating Healing Environments with Evidence-Based Design
  • 2010 SAFETY CONGRESS: Fireworks Had Set the Stage
  • SLIP & FALL: How to Buy Flooring Having Sustainable Wet Slip Resistance
  • SHOWERS & EYEWASH: Staying Prepared in Remote Areas
  • INCENTIVES: Not Another Picnic!
  • VISION PROTECTION: Tying It All Together
  • CHEMICAL SAFETY/MSDS: Automated MSDS Distribution

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Cover Story

October 2010

Does Your Gas Monitor Do What You Think It Does?

By Dave D. Wagner

A standardized technical performance specification template for portable gas monitoring instruments is being developed. Until then, users must be diligent in examining the specifications.


Tying It All Together

By Linda J. Sherrard

Document your training efforts and log all attendance. It matters and shows your efforts to educate a constantly changing workforce.

Staying Prepared in Remote Areas

By Jim Johnson, Michael Bolden

First and foremost, the hazard itself should be the most prominent consideration when choosing a specific piece of emergency equipment.

How to Buy Flooring Having Sustainable Wet Slip Resistance

By George Sotter

Typically, about 85 percent of the loss in slip resistance after 5,000 cycles has already occurred after 500 cycles.

After the Flood

By Joseph Weigel

While clean water damages electrical system components, floodwater is especially destructive. Don't assume water-damaged electrical equipment can be simply cleaned and reused.

Not Another Picnic!

By Bill Sims Jr.

When it comes to recognition, one size does not fit all.

The Value of Thermography Windows

By Leah Friberg

Infrared imaging technology helps to improve electricians' on-the-job safety.

Automated MSDS Distribution

By Justin Scott

The new requirements will be a compliance burden for many businesses. Automated distribution is the "Easy Button" for HazCom compliance.


The Leader's Code

By Robert Pater

High-level leaders emphasize working and living with energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness.

Major GHS Progress This Year

By Jerry Laws

A mid-2010 meeting showed how GHS implementation is advancing around the world.