August 2009

  • HAND PROTECTION: Changes are Reducing Accidents
  • DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING: New Workers, New Worries
  • CONFINED SPACES: All About Ventilation

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Is Your Team Protected?

By Peter A. Kirk, II

Hazmat teams at fire departments, industrial companies, and military units have enough to worry about in hazardous situations without having to be concerned about whether their hazmat suits fully protect them. In an effort to help hazmat professionals ensure their teams are fully protected, below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about chemical protective suit standards.

Arc Flash Training & PPE Protection

By Hugh Hoagland

I received a call recently from a large electric utility. A line worker, we'll call him Bill, had been badly burned while performing work near a 69kV piece of equipment. This incident illustrates several issues that a safety professional or engineer must consider in development of an electrical safety training and PPE program, two of which are not directly addressed in regulations or the consensus standards.

Lost in Transition

By Marc Barrera

As baby boomers begin to retire, an infusion of new workers is vital. However, abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol is a concern.

Managing Major Risk Factors

By Robert F. Tilley Jr.

The construction industry expanded at an exponential rate in recent years, not only in countries such as the United States, but also in emerging mega-economies such as China. The UAE experienced a construction boom in the past few decades. But as the global economy faces recession, construction has become stunted in many areas around the world.

A Breath of Fresh Air

By Dennis Von Ruden

Pause for a moment to take a few deep breaths. Inhale, exhale, and repeat. For something we do continuously, it's strange how seldom we actually think about breathing. In fact, beyond activities such as meditation and exercise, we're rarely conscious of breathing, simply because it's an automatic process.

Changes are Reducing Accidents

Sharp or rough surfaces/edges, hazardous chemicals, heat, cold, and biomaterials all threaten unprotected hands--and they have for decades. But with ever-changing technology, newer and faster equipment, and emerging health threats, hand protection has never been more important.


Walk Hard

By Ronnie Rittenberry

If walking and chewing gum at the same time trips you up, then the thought of walking and simultaneously preparing a PowerPoint presentation has to sound nuts.

Strategically Piloting Safety Success

By Robert Pater

Times are tough, management's tight, but the pressure's still on to reduce losses and achieve sterling Safety results. Wiser heads realize that an old apple tree won't magically produce delicious pears; you've got to plant different crops.