Safety Catalogs

Lincoln Electric Co.

Welding Catalog

The Lincoln Electric Co. has released its 2008 expanded product catalog which highlights the company's complete line of equipment, including welders, wire feeders, robotic solutions, fume extraction systems, and consumables. This easy-to-use catalog is color coded by product category so users can quickly find the equipment to meet their needs.

    VWR International LLC

    Lab Catalog

    VWR International LLC's new 2008-2010 Laboratory Casework and Technical Furniture Catalog is designed to offer a comprehensive and diverse collection of furniture products for the research laboratory industry, including customers in biopharmaceutical, education, industrial, production, and controlled environments. This 488-page catalog features more than 7,400 products from the industry's leading manufacturers.

      Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.

      Product Guide

      Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.'s 2008-2009 Product Selection Guide to Machine and Process Safeguarding includes a "SpeedSpec" number on each product page that can be entered online for instant access to all the available information, including manuals, dimensional drawings, and product approvals. Featured technologies include laser scanners, light curtains, and more.

        New Pig Corp.

        Cleanup Catalog

        New Pig Corp.'s new 448-page, full-color 2008 PIGALOG® Catalog Buying Guide contains more than 250 new products and more than 4,200 solutions that are all designed to provide a clean and safe workplace. The catalog includes special technical sections to help customers make better product selections.

          Nilfisk CFM

          Vacuum Brochure

          Nilfisk CFM's 22-page brochure provides detailed information and color photographs of the company's full line of industrial vacuums and features a two-page photo spread highlighting a range of industry clients. In addition, the brochure includes an extensive selection of vacuum accessories, attachments, and hoses, including vacuum-assisted power tools.

            American Heart Association

            CPR KIT

            The CPR Anytime™ for Family and Friends™ personal learning program now comes in two models, the adult/child version and the new infant version. The program is designed to be a simple and affordable way for the entire family to learn CPR in less than 22 minutes.

              Best Mfg. Co.


              Best Mfg. Co.'s new product catalog showcases its latest hand/arm protection products for work. The newest products are listed up front, and all products are grouped into five categories: Best N-DEX® and other disposable products, chemical-resistant products, general-purpose products, cut-resistant products, and specialty insulated products. To aid in selection, gloves are pictured in applications and color-coded by usage categories.



                ACGIH's 2007 Publications Catalog provides up-to-date publication listings with photos of each publication cover. All information is divided into 14 topic areas and is also available in a PDF format. The catalog includes information on upcoming educational events, the benefits of membership, and more.


                  HAZMAT CATALOG

                  Labelmaster has added 20 new products to itsSpring Hazmat Source catalog, most of them in the following categories: UN packaging, labels, placards/markings, and spill control. Many of the new UN packaging materials now available include Performance Plus® UN marked wooden boxes, poly shippers, F-style poly bottle shippers, and more.