Material Handling

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.


The 39 Series nesting utility truck from Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. is now available with an ergonomic, spring-loaded, internal platform that rises as goods are removed to provide workers with easy access to laundry, textiles, or materials. When empty, the trucks can be stacked for space-saving storage.

    Westcott Distribution Inc.

    Multiple Drum Dispenser

    The new GT Multi-pump Dispensing System is Westcott Distribution Inc.'s latest pumping solution for spill-free, environmentally safe transfer of any chemical or liquid. The system is designed to expand capability and streamline operations where multiple liquids are needed. The pumps meet RoHS and FDA safe food requirements and are made in America.

      J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.

      Hazardous Waste Software

      J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.'s Keller-Soft® Waste Manifest and Label Maker software is designed to automate completion of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest form required by EPA. The software includes instructions for filling out each form and stores the forms electronically to assist with reporting and sending of like shipments.

        OMNI/ajax Inc.

        Mercury Spill Kit

        OMNI/ajax Inc.'s redesigned Mercury Magnet™ mercury spill kit is tailored to multiple industries, including health care, safety, maintenance, janitorial, and natural gas/electric utilities. Its magnetic amalgamation powder reduces the risk of mercury exposure by forming a non-vaporizing solid that is easily picked up with a magnetic hand tool.

          JASCO Inc.

          Spectrometer System

          JASCO Inc.'s RMP-300 Series portable Raman spectrometer systems feature an integrated fiber optic probe with a small X-Y-Z stage, a compact laser, a high-throughput spectrograph, and a CCD detector. The system can be used almost anywhere as no special utilities or coolants are required.

            Sky-Trax Inc.

            Mobile Data System

            Sky-Trax Inc.'s Skan-Free™ is a mobile automatic data collection system powered by image processing technology. Without the use of handheld bar code scanners, clip boards, or data entry terminals, the device is intended to be an alternative to RFID systems used for pallet identification and data collection.

              New Pig Corp.

              DRUM SHELF

              New Pig's PIG® Drum Filling Shelf is designed to help transfer fluids easily and safely from storage drums by allowing the user to position fluid-dispensing containers in close proximity to drum pumps,reducing risks of spills and drips. Adjustable steel-strap brackets can accommodate several container sizes, weights, and configurations.

                Air Cycle Corp.

                BULB DISPOSAL

                The OSHA- and EPA-compliant Bulb Eater® is designed to crush more than 1,000 fluorescent lamps and pack them into a 55-gallon drum.The process is fully enclosed and filtered, keeping glass, aluminum, and harmful vapor contained.

                  New Pig Corp.

                  Roll Top Cover

                  New Pig's new PIG® Single Drum Pallet Roll Top Hardcover is designed to allow drums to be loaded and accessed with pumps and funnels in place, providing protected storage and non-hazardous liquid containment. The device's low-density polyethylene construction with UV inhibitors makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

                    Kimberly-Clark Professional

                    ANTI-BACTERIAL CLOTHS

                    Kimberly-Clark's WypAll* microfiber cloths now feature Microban antimicrobial product protection against the growth of bacteria. The thick, heavy, durable cloths remove up to 99 percent of bacteria from non-porous surfaces, helping to prevent cross-contamination. They can absorb up to eight times their weight in liquid and can be used wet, dry, or damp.