First Aid

Sempermed USA Inc.

Surgical Glove

Sempermed USA Inc.'s Syntegra is a surgical glove manufactured with a patented styrene-isoprene-styrene copolymer that lacks processing accelerator chemicals--which can cause glove-related sensitivities. The product can be double-gloved for added protection and its chlorination-free formula eliminates chlorine's slippery feel and strong odor.

    H.L. Bouton Co. Inc.

    Pre-Moistened Towelette

    H.L. Bouton Co.'s SafetyClean pre-moistened towelette isdesigned to coat lenses with anti-fog/-static solution and is safe for use onboth glass and plastic lenses. Available completely assembled and ready to usewith a fold-out hanger tab, the disposable dispenser can stand on a shelf orcounter or hang by its tab.

      EmergencyPacks LLC

      Non-Pressurized Oxygen

      EmergencyPacks LLC's new portable Model 615 oxygen delivery system uses chemical technology to generate non-pressurized oxygen only when needed, minimizing the chance of combustion. FDA approved, the system requires no prescription and features a single-step activation process that instantly creates 15 minutes of medically pure oxygen.

        Protective Industrial Products Inc.

        Hand Sanitizer

        Protective Industrial Products, under a new alliance with X3 Labs, is the exclusive marketer of X3 Clean alcohol-free, antimicrobial hand sanitizer in the United States. The sanitizer is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive that kills germs in less than 15 seconds when hand washing is not possible.

          Concentra® Health Services


          Concentra Health Services offers comprehensive services to injured employees, their employers, and insurance carriers through its national group of occupational health centers, providers, and physical and occupational therapists. Services include on-site and mobile medical facilities, physical exam and drug testing, medical compliance administration, 24/7 TeleNurse Triage Service, and more.

            Rye Pharmaceuticals LLC

            BURN TREATMENT

            Burnaid® is a natural first aid product line designed to treat first- and second-degree burns. Its antimicrobial products are formulated to provide instant pain relief, stop burn progression, prevent secondary infection, and aid healing. Also available are Rapaid™ products minor skin irritation relief and Salinaax eyewash for flushing or relieving eyes.

              American Heart Association

              CPR KIT

              The CPR Anytime™ for Family and Friends™ personal learning program now comes in two models, the adult/child version and the new infant version. The program is designed to be a simple and affordable way for the entire family to learn CPR in less than 22 minutes.

                Performance Health Inc.

                PAIN RELIEF

                The Biofreeze® family of pain-relieving products includes a soothing gel, convenient roll-on, and a new, no-touch natural cryospray, all designed to help reduce pain from sore muscles and joints, as well as reduce swelling and inflammation. Biofreeze can be used up to four times a day as necessary.

                  Kimberly-Clark Professional


                  Kimberly-Clark Professional's easy maintenance, high-capacity KIMCARE* ALL-N-1 Skin Care System is ideal for use in plants, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial locations. The replaceable soap system provides a clean, filled, disposable dispenser that "clicks" and mounts onto a universal bracket. When soap is depleted, the entire unit is replaced. All dispensers are disposable.

                    North Safety Products

                    PORTABLE FIRST AID

                    North Safety's Redi-Care™ First Aid Kits are made to be eye-catching and easy for first aid teams to grab and carry to the scene of an emergency. These portable, general-industry kits are packaged in soft-sided, durable, red nylon bags that allow storage of more items inside than metal cases of the same size.