Disaster Preparedness

EMS Safety Services Inc.


EMS Safety Services' new Triple Combo student workbook features an AED, CPR, and first aid program together in one easy-to-read workbook. The workbook includes certification cards and works hand-in-hand with the Triple Combo DVD to streamline workplace training. Instructor courses are also available. Booth 2448.

    Technon LLC


    Technon's BREATH OF LIFE™ Emergency Escape Mask is designed for use in the event of fires, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks--including the dispersal of biological toxins, hazardous particulate matter, smoke, and dust. The lightweight and portable mask weighs 1.5 ounces and can provide the wearer 15 to 20 minutes of protection to escape a life-threatening situation.

      Way Safe Florida Inc.


      The waterBOB™ water containment system is constructed of heavy-duty, food grade plastic and is designed to hold up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water securely in any bathtub for up to four weeks in the event of an emergency. A siphon pump and vent relief cap are included to easily dispense the water into cups, jugs, or pitchers.

        CINTEC America


        CINTEC's new Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems offer a customized solution for each application and masonry substrate in order to provide maximum resistance to explosions. Following an inspection, the structure is modeled to assess the most likely response and risk inherent to it in order to determine the best reinforcement pattern.



          Spencer's Skid Series evacuation chair features passive caterpillar belts that are designed to effortlessly glide downstairs in the event of an elevated level of security. Upon landing, the constructive geometry of the unit transfers all weight on the main wheels to allow turning and movement. The Pro Skid version is equipped with front and rear telescopic handles that allow upstairs transport.