Aug 22

Double Tree IAH

This workshop is intended for individuals with a desire and capability to internally achieve and sustain safety culture excellence, not those looking for a silver bullet or off-the-shelf methodology. Creating a sustainable safety culture only occurs through an internalization of key principles outlined in this energetic and insightful workshop. Organizations in every industry eventually reach an important realization: safety excellence is equivalent to business excellence. With this, it is little wonder why there has been a significant, yet unfocused, interest in safety culture. Having a desire for such a reality is step one. Knowing where to focus your energy is step two. Internalizing the capability to achieve and repeat the results is the final step. Most never make it past the first step, which results in a never-ending search for the next, latest-and-greatest program, process, or methodology. Unfortunately, this rarely leads to success. Rather, a program-of-the-month perception is created and reinforced; or even more dangerous, beliefs are created: There is no way to get further improvement, so incidents are inevitable Loss of sense of vulnerability We must be good if there is nothing else to improve Once the organization learns how to focus their efforts and internally accomplish continuous transformational improvements, and celebrate and communicate their success, the next difficulty emerges: sustainability. The organization's culture is the ultimate sustainability mechanism. Learning how to enhance the culture and create systems to reinforce the new desired performance is where true sustainability lies. It is not enough to have a passion for safety excellence; there needs to be an aligned focus not just on the transformation, but on sustainability as well. In this highly inspirational session, ProAct Safety will share experiences from projects with many of the best international organizations to achieve and sustain excellence in culture and performance. Objectives Practices of many of the best performing organizations in safety and operational excellence will be reviewed. Attendees will be provided strategies to self-diagnose transformational opportunities for internal pathways to performance excellence. Learn the proven elements of Safety Culture Excellence® and behaviors of the best companies to sustain this desirable goal. Models and approaches that have resulted in millions of annualized savings will be provided for internal usage by the attendees. Learn what it takes to find the leverage point to proactive engagement and create a culture of passionately proactive workforce: the answer to successful sustainability.