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Record Amount Collected in Latest Rx Take Back Day

The Oct. 28 national event collected 456 tons of pills. "More people start down the path of addiction through the misuse of opioid prescription drugs than any other substance. The abuse of these prescription drugs has fueled the nation's opioid epidemic, which has led to the highest rate of overdose deaths this country has ever seen," DEA Acting Administrator Robert W. Patterson said.

NYC Warns Drivers About Dusk and Nighttime Hazards

City DOT research indicates the earlier onset of darkness in the fall and winter is highly correlated to a 40 percent increase in traffic injuries and fatalities among pedestrians, and that lower visibility during the dark hours of the colder months leads to twice as many crashes involving turns.

Canada Proposing Fatigue Regulation for Rail Workers

A committee recommended last year that Transport Canada, in cooperation with the federal departments responsible for health and labor, take immediate action through a working group to develop options to improve the management of railway crew fatigue.

4 Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Four Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires.

UN Organization Stresses Safe Construction in Hurricane Repairs

"With this house, we have ensured that Tessa and her children have a safe home," said Jan-Willem Wegdam, UNIOM's team leader in Dominica. "The community sees there is actually something happening, and we have completed the training of our carpenters on safe construction skills."

Recommendations from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board following the Deepwater Horizon blowout and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 are still open. (U.S. Chemical Safety Board photo)

CSB Meeting Nov. 14 on Two Macondo Blowout Recommendations

The board is scheduled to discuss changing the status of two recommendations to the Department of Interior in its 2016 final report on the Deepwater Horizon blowout and spill, as well as the status of current investigations.

SAIF's Farm Safety Seminars Under Way

The series began Oct. 31 and will continue into March 2018, visiting 16 Oregon cities in that period.

OSHA Cites Mississippi Company, Issues $220,544 in Penalties

The company was cited for two willful, seven serious, and five other-than-serious violations, according to the agency's news release.

Agencies Fund Projects to Fight Infectious Diseases

The 2017 awards fund projects that "range in scope from meters to the entire globe and time scales from weeks to millennia," said Sam Scheiner, an EEID program officer in the NSF directorate. "This broad approach to attacking problems in infectious disease ecology and evolution will provide the basic knowledge that we will need when the next Ebola virus or Zika virus outbreak happens."

After clearing up the snow, make sure to check regularly on high risk areas to ensure there is no ice. Arguably, it may be more cost-efficient to invest a little more in maintenance than to have to manage a lawsuit.

NYC Agency Helps Residents Prepare for Winter Weather

New York City's Office of Emergency Management posted winter weather advice to help the city's residents prepare for extreme cold, heavy snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain and to stay safe throughout the season. The agency listed these steps to stay safe before, during, and after winter storms.

20 Nonprofits Get MIOSHA Grants

"We're pleased to award these grants to employer groups, labor organizations, and other non-profits that have demonstrated innovation and diversity in their training programs," MIOSHA Director Bart Pickelman said. "We appreciate the collaborative effort of these grantees and their mutual commitment toward preventing workplace injuries and illnesses."

NWS to Issue Snow Squall Warnings This Winter

The decision to use this warning was made because forecasters felt none of the warnings they have been using adequately warns people about this particular hazard.

Ohio Agency Asks Residents to Be Cautious on Outdoor Debris Burning

The department said Ohioans are reminded to be aware of the state's outdoor burning regulations and take necessary precautions if they are planning to burn debris this fall. For example, if a fire does escape control, immediately contact the local fire department.

CPSC Announces Recall of 37 Million Kidde Fire Extinguishers

The recall involves both plastic handle and push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers.

Pennsylvania Creates Home Care Apprenticeship Program

Kathleen Kleinmann, CEO of TRPIL and a licensed home care provider, said the CNA apprentices "will gain invaluable hand-on training and the skills needed to provide quality community support services to consumers in a home care setting. This training will help our nurses to safely perform their job duties and provide people with disabilities with a vital service to help them transition from care facilities to living independently in their homes."

FDA Considers Revoking Soy Protein Health Claim

FDA has concluded the relationship between soy protein and heart disease does not meet the rigorous standard for an FDA-authorized health claim, said Dr. Susan Mayne, director of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

FEMA Offering Disaster Mitigation Advice in Florida

The information to be offered by disaster mitigation specialists is intended for everyone, according to the agency, which says they topics to be covered include flood insurance, elevating utilities, and rebuilding flooded homes.

Canada Marks 2017 Patient Safety Week

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is using the week to encourage patients to learn about key questions patients should all their health care providers about their medications.

Lumber Mill Fined After Fatal Fall

"The investigation found that the employer knew that caution tape cannot be used in place of guardrails at a high elevation, but still regularly allowed it to happen. Additionally, the employer was required to provide workers with a fall protection system, such as a harness, lanyard and tie-off point, while working on the elevated platform without adequate guardrails, and when removing them," according to Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Bigger OCCC May Be Coming

Executive Director Kathie Canning reportedly plans to propose a $500 million expansion of the facility and says it could attract 25 new events, bringing in an additional 250,000 people, if the expansion is done.

Ice and snow buildup in parking lots and on walkways can be hazardous to employees, delivery people, and guests.

Prepare Now to Eliminate Fall Hazards This Winter

People living in cold-weather climates can take winter hazards for granted, but this can make it easier to overlook or dismiss hazards that can be easily eliminated before the temperature drops.

Eclipsing Leadership Lessons

Want to continue developing stronger leadership skills? Mindfully monitor how small changes can create huge impacts.

Microlearning courses include learner interaction, such as a brief quiz or follow-up discussion with an instructor, and provide reference documents and other outside items as additional resources.

Microlearning: Training for the Millennial Generation

Part of the appeal of microlearning is that it can be administered just-in-time and just enough. And it makes learning an ongoing process.

Keep an Eye on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton hopes the Grenfell Tower fire Inquiry will bring about a mandate for fire sprinklers in residential high-rise buildings and schools.

The person who conducts the hazard assessment must have an intimate knowledge of each task and should directly observe the employees, looking for hazard sources such as high temperatures, chemicals, dust, sources for falling objects and the potential for dropped objects, the potential for struck/by hazards, moving vehicles and equipment, and more.

Keys to Effective Head & Face Protection

The National Safety Council's "Injury Facts, 2017 Edition" informs us that the most expensive lost-time workers' compensation claims are for those involving the head and central nervous system.

The bottom line is health care facilities must develop a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that will meet the needs of patients, the community, and their staff during disasters and emergency situations.

CMS Emergency Preparedness Training Deadline is Here, Are you Ready?

The assumption is that all the accrediting organizations and CMS will be looking more deeply at Emergency Management standards starting this November.

Slippery floors due to the frequent washing process are also a constant concern in health care settings.

A Clearer Understanding of Slips and Falls

Administrators must stay on top of floor conditions and install safety signs only when a potential hazard exists.

The alliance partnership aims to provide information, guidance, and access to training resources to members, occupational physicians, stakeholders, and others in the polyurethanes value chain.

New Alliance Focused on Diisocyanates

OSHA and the American Chemistry Council have joined in a two-year alliance to raise awareness of workers' exposure hazards and promote the chemicals' safe use in the polyurethane industry.

The prolonged moisture, increased temperature, and unbalanced pH level provide unwanted opportunities for bacteria and other external contaminants to enter the skin, causing further irritation. (SW Safety Solutions Inc. photo)

The Real Cost of Sweaty Gloves—It's Not Just About Comfort

Over time, health risks for workers from uncomfortable single-use gloves can greatly decrease productivity, encourage more frequent workplace safety violations, and increase the risk of significant medical issues.