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Three Winners in HHS Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge

"Helping reduce the burden of health IT continues to be a key area of focus at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and we anticipate the winning submissions to the Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge will help with those efforts," said Dr. Don Rucker, M.D., HHS national coordinator for health information technology.

We congratulate the 22 winners in our tenth annual contest recognizing the most innovative new safety products.

2018 NPOY Contest Winners Honored

OH&S congratulated winners of the tenth annual contest during the 2018 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Houston.

The familiar hierarchy of controls shows that elimination is the most effective risk control strategy, while PPE is the least effective. (WorkSafeBC graphic)

Key Protections for Arc Welders

Controlling the risks is done by applying the hierarchy of controls: elimination, substitution, engineering controls (such as ventilation systems to remove welding fume), administrative controls, and finally, PPE.

Ohio Alliance Foresees a Safer Industry

Alliance partners will provide education and support to brewery owners and their employees on safety and health issues specific to craft brewers, as well as risks unique to their industry.

Communication with residents and building occupants is key to preparing them for emergencies.

Training Employees to Recognize and Respond to Hazards

Employees should be trained to respond appropriately to each scenario that is applicable to their workplace, which could mean training everyone not only to evacuate, but also to shelter in place and how to lock down areas.

BBS & HOP = Predictive-Based Safety

With accuracy rates as high as 86 percent, predictive analytics have helped organizations save lives.

Acclimating workers to cold exposure, hydration, scheduling frequent breaks, and equipment such as heaters are all part of the prevention process.

The Essence of Cold Weather Protection

Lightweight garments may seem counterintuitive for protecting against the cold, but layering up lightweight garments is one of the best ways to combat the cold and remain comfortable.

The Number 1 Reason to Demand Your Tool Tether Be Dynamic Drop Proven

A device may pass a static test with flying colors, but when put into a real-life situation it may still fail and break, and that's bad for anyone standing underneath.

According to the European Survey on Working Conditions, the proportion of workers who report being exposed to chemicals for at least one-quarter of their working time has not changed since 2000, remaining steady at about 17 percent.

EU-OSHA Seeks Better Management of Dangerous Substances

The ESENER-2 survey found 38 percent of EU companies reporting that chemical or biological substances in the form of liquids, fumes, or dust are present in their workplaces.

One of the easiest ways to monitor safety metrics is by using a safety management software. As you improve your safety performance analysis, you’ll need a system that can handle the influx of data, give you access to real-time metrics, and help you glean valuable insights hidden within the flood of information.

Dollars and Sense: The Business Case for Safety Management Systems

ISO 45001 and the revised ANSI/ASSP Z10 SMS Standard will help safety professionals make the case to executive leadership that integrating safety and health into existing business management systems is both financially prudent and increasingly feasible to achieve.

Balancing Safety: Overcoming Surprising Contributors to Slips, Trips, and Falls

Even with aging workforces, injuries can be greatly reduced with a blend of best engineering controls and practical training.

NFPA 2112 is the industry standard for FR garments designed to protect wearers against exposure to flash fire and provides a starting ground from which safety managers in oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries can build effective FR PPE programs to address the specific risks they face daily. (Westex by Milliken photo)

Six Important Changes Reflected in NFPA 2112-2018 Updates

From cold weather insulation guidance to labeling, these are the changes you need to know to be well informed when specifying an FR PPE program designed for flash fire hazards.

If you know you

Ready for the Cold?

Both your employees and your facilities should be well prepared for cold weather hazards.

Proactivity toward prevention lowers safety risks. Any and all preventive measures will drastically lower the probability of a hazardous scenario from happening. (Lewellyn Technology photo)

Workplace Safety Saves Lives and Money. Is Your Facility Prepared?

Workplace safety and operational performance are critical factors to protect all of your assets: your employees, facilities, and financial interests.

Getting Eye and Face Protection Right

Having an eye and face protection program in place will boost the chances employees will use their PPE correctly.

Gas Detection for Safe Confined Space Entry

It's more than a best practice—it is essential to test the air prior to and during entry, as OSHA requires.

Staying Safe During Equipment Maintenance

Lockout/tagout ranked fifth on OSHA's list of the Top Ten most-violated standards during fiscal year 2017 and again in FY2018. There were 2,877 violations of 1910.147 during FY2017 and 2,944 during FY2018.


Safety Beyond the Basics: What Can We Do to Be Prepared?

If we can allow employees adequate time to plan, review technical information, practice, and check available resources, together we can reduce the workplace fatalities each year.

ASSP Launches Standards and Tech Pubs Podcast Series

Future podcasts will cover topics such as fall protection and the management of hazardous energy. The episodes are free to listen to or download from the ASSP website every two weeks.

DOL Secretary Acosta Gave 'Sweetheart Deal' to Accused Millionaire: Miami Herald

Acosta agreed in 2007 to allow a multimillionaire defendant accused of coercing underage girls into sex acts at his Florida mansion to plead guilty only to two prostitution charges in state court, and Acosta, then Miami's top federal prosecutor, also agreed to keep the deal from the defendant's victims, the Miami Herald's Julie K. Brown reported Nov. 28.

Australian Police, Emergency Services Workers Report High Rates of Psychological Distress

During the Answering the call survey, more than 21,000 police, fire, ambulance, and SES employees, volunteers, and retired and former employees answered questions about their wellbeing, anxiety conditions, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and thoughts of suicide.

NYC Mayor Announces Bronx Opioids Action Plan

The Bronx surpassed Staten Island in 2017 as the borough with the highest rate of overdose deaths, according to Health Department data. "The Bronx needs more support to reduce drug overdoses, and the city is ready to provide that support," said Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Dr. Herminia Palacio.

Honeywell Moving Global HQ to Charlotte

The headquarters of Honeywell's Safety and Productivity Solutions business group also will relocate from Fort Mill, S.C., to Charlotte.

Settlement Bans Washington Company from Public Projects Statewide

The company's settlement with the state Department of Labor & Industries concerned wage violations and false reporting of payroll records, according to L&I’s release.

Albuquerque FD Aims to Reduce Firefighters' Exposure to Carcinogens

Cancer is “an epidemic in the fire service,” Albuquerque Fire Rescue Chief Paul Dow said. According to the International Association of Fire Fighters, cancer is now the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths among firefighters in the U.S.

NCCCO Publishes Employer Guides to New Crane Rule

The Employer Guides cover the training, certification, and evaluation requirements for crane operators under OSHA's final rule.

HHS Issues Draft Strategy to Reduce Burden of Health IT

“Usable, interoperable health IT was one of the first elements of the vision I laid out earlier this year for transforming our health system into one that pays for value,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said. “With the significant growth in EHRs comes frustration caused, in many cases, by regulatory and administrative requirements stacked on top of one another."

South Dakota Reports First 2018-19 Flu Death

"Our sympathy is with the family. Their loss serves as a reminder to us all that influenza can be a very serious illness," said Dr. Joshua Clayton, state epidemiologist for the department. "It is not too late to get vaccinated for this flu season, and if you haven't yet received your annual flu vaccination, the time to do so is now."

German Entry Wins 2018 Healthy Workplaces Film Award

The annual award honors an outstanding documentary or animated film that focuses on the experiences of workers, examining such topics as the effects of economic and political change on work, workplace risks, and mental health and well-being at work.

FEMA Agrees to Make Vendors Change Emergency Alert Software

FEMA concurred with both recommendations in the DHS inspector general's report but said it expects to complete its work on both on Oct. 31, 2019.