Health and Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents Touring Construction and Renovation Sites

Health and Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents Touring Construction and Renovation Sites

Real estate agents face significant risks such as injuries from slips, machinery or falling objects when touring construction and renovation sites, necessitating adherence to safety tips to navigate these hazards effectively.

Being a real estate agent is super rewarding. They get to call the shots, earn as much as they want, decide their working hours and network extensively. What's not to love?

However, being an agent isn't without risks.

One thing realtors might face is the possibility of injuries when touring construction sites and checking out properties under renovation. Construction zones are no picnic, and accidents can unfortunately happen no matter how careful they are.

So what kind of accidents exactly? Maybe a slip and fall, getting tangled up in machinery or being hit by falling objects, just to name a few.

With all the risks involved in this job, how can agents schmooze clients without losing an eye? Let’s discuss some tips agents can follow to stay safe when visiting construction sites.

Agent's Safety: A Growing Concern in Today's World

When the topic of "the most dangerous professions" is brought up, what comes to mind are probably firefighters and electrical contracting careers.

Rarely are real estate careers on the list, but believe it or not, the risks associated with this profession have tremendously grown over the decades. From assaults to dangerous falls and traffic-related accidents, the number of on-the-job fatalities is on the rise, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Every time a realtor meets a new client, drives them to a new location to showcase a property or tours a property under development, they face potential risks.

And while real estate licensing coursework does cover a bit of licensee safety, it's important to expand the knowledge base on agents' safety, particularly when touring construction sites, in order to stay safe at all times.

Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents Touring Construction & Renovation Sites

As an agent, here are some strategies to stay safe when visiting worksites.

1. Wear a Hard Hat

Construction sites are busy places with lots happening overhead. Cranes are moving supplies all around, for instance. So secure hard hats to feel safe. Hard hats keep the head protected just in case anything unexpected happens during the busy work. With the right gear, agents can enjoy watching the progress without worries.

Note that hard hats shouldn't be used for more than five years from the date of manufacture. OSHA and the hard hat manufacturer provide guidance on this as well as the effectiveness of the protective gear in use.

2. Wear a High-Visibility Vest

High visibility is critical for those who frequent construction sites. If clothes blend in with the tools and supplies, it'll be tough for construction workers to spot their visitors.

But with a neon vest covered in reflectors, everyone will see them shining through. Whether it's day or night, these outerwear heroes help agents stand out from the crowd so that workers will notice them as they lift and throw heavy stuff around.

3. Wear Appropriate Footwear

If heading to the construction site, leave the stilettos and sandals at home. While fashion is always appreciated, function takes priority in such a hazardous environment.

Instead, invest in some industrial-grade footwear with thick soles and preferably steel-reinforced toes. There’s no telling when a stray nail or clumsy coworker's dropped toolbox might emerge. For optimal safety in an unpredictable environment, stick with boots or shoes that will guard against potential projectile problems.

4. Do Not Touch Anything

For agents’ own safety, it's best not to touch anything on the construction site. Some areas may still be works in progress. So be sure not to touch any loose wires or materials — they could cause a spark or have sharp edges.

No need to worry though. Just listen to the tour guide or site manager. They'll share all the insider tips to guide agents through without any bumps or surprises.

Wrapping Up

Safety is paramount in construction sites, especially for real estate agents who frequent the worksites to view the construction/renovation progress. By following these tips, agents will be able to stay safe no matter what happens at the site.

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