Survey Says: Clean for Safety and Profitability

In recent years, an increased focus on safety and security has permeated almost every industry in the United States. A specific issue for consideration is the increased emphasis placed on providing environmentally safe and more cost-effective ways of cleaning industrial plants, facilities and related equipment. Food manufacturing and processing companies face particular challenges, as they generate an array of products which intrinsically present potential health challenges or hazards to their consumer markets.

This heightened focus on food safety has been reflected in a number of recent surveys evaluating the current standards across the food industry. These surveys have in turn contributed to the development of best manufacturing practices.

In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • The key findings of those recent surveys
  • Tips to improve quality and control costs at your facility
  • The role that the latest task-specific vacuums can play in saving you thousands of hours of downtime

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