2016 Confined Space/Fall Protection Update

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This webinar occurred on:  March 17, 2016

ADOSH Construction Update with emphasis on confined spaces and fall protection. The participants will gain an understanding of state plans as well as what regulations are looked at more closely.

A brief overview of the confined spaces standard and where we are today with fall protection will be included.

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This webinar occurred on:  March 17, 2016


Jessie Atencio, Assistant Director for Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH)
Jessie is in charge of all Consultation Project activities that includes the Cooperative Agreement section. Outreach training and visits completed by his consultants and trainers provide an avenue for small businesses and employers throughout the State of Arizona to understand their requirement per the OSHA standards.

Whether it be a partnership program like SHARP or VPP, his department strives to ensure workplaces go above and beyond the OSHA standards and thus recognized for their effort. Alliances are continuously formed by Jessie to assure that ADOSH and Associations are up to date with the most current OSHA standards and approaches to safety. Additionally Jessie oversees the Tucson office where a staff of seven CSHO’s and one Supervisor make-up the Compliance section.

Prior to this appointment, Jessie started with ADOSH over ten years ago where he was hired as a Safety Compliance Officer. During his time as a CSHO, he visited many General Industry and Construction type settings ensuring that employers were adhering to the minimum ADOSH/OSHA standards set forth by the State of Arizona. Over the years Jessie has built lasting impressions with various employers for his enthusiasm and fairness during his onsite inspections. That enthusiasm has been beneficial to the ADOSH program as many new and existing employers call upon him for ways to improve their Safety and Health Management System.


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Duration: 1 Hour