Hugh Hoagland Presents: NFPA 70E 2015 Changes and Challenges

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This webinar occurred on:  July 22, 2015

The following challenges will be addressed:

  • Arc flash study reduction for equipment >40 cal/cm²
  • New arc resistant equipment and the limitations of use.
  • Implementing the new NO PPE rule for operations, risks and benefits and practical solutions.
  • New minimum label requirements for arc flash and best practices
  • Help, our equipment manufacturer stopped at the MCC!
  • What about the disconnect switches?
  • Help, the rubber glove use requirements aren’t in the table!
  • Table labels vs. Study Labels. What do we do?
  • What is required in an NFPA 70E audit? Seems like three audits are required.
  • What do I do IF there are NO labels?

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This webinar occurred on:  July 22, 2015


Hugh Hoagland, is one of the most active trainers and researchers in electric arc protection. His NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910.269/NESC Training Programs are used by many Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies including Alcoa, GM, Toyota, Bechtel, DOE, and hundreds of electric utilities. Hugh has performed and developed testing (by original research and participation in ASTM, NFPA, ANSI, CSA, IEC and ISO standards groups) for the electric arc since 1994 and has performed over 50,000 electric arc tests.

Hugh’s publications are numerous in IEEE and safety magazines and he helped invent many arc rated materials used today. Hugh serves as an expert witness and performs accident investigations.



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Duration: 1 Hour