Fire Sprinkler Systems: Ensuring Reliability Through Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance

Your facilities have fire protection and sprinkler equipment installed, but are you sure that they are providing reliable and adequate protection at this very moment? Have the sprinkler systems installed in your facilities lulled you into a false sense of security? Are you doing what is needed to properly inspect, test, and maintain your water based fire protection systems? Are your sprinkler systems ready for response to fire? Are your fire pumps exercised and flow tested as required? Are trip test and internal inspection frequencies of your equipment adequate? Are your records reflecting the service they represent? Do you have hidden impairments in your fire systems?

Walt Beattie, a regarded name in the fire protection field, will review the requirements of NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Knowing the minimum requirements will help enable you to verify and evaluate the service being performed on your water based fire protection systems.

: October 2, 2014
TIME 11:00AM ET - 10:00AM CT - 8:00AM PT


Walter S. Beattie, CSP, CFPS, CSHM, is President of Beattie Fire Protection & Risk Consulting, LLC

With 35 years in the HPR property insurance and consulting industry, Walt excels in fire protection, property loss control, and business continuity evaluation. He is a recognized leader in evaluating fire protection adequacy for occupancies and hazards, performing fire loss investigation, developing cost-effective solutions, providing hazard analysis assistance, and follow-up services.

A Professional member of American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Walt is a principle member of ASSE Council on Professional Development, a charter member and past Administrator of ASSE Fire Protection Practice Specialty, a member of ASSE Mining and Consulting Practice Specialties, and chair of several ASSE Symposiums and technical committees. Walt is a regular speaker at ASSE conferences and webinars, a published author in the fire protection industry, and an instructor in fire protection.


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Duration: 1 Hour