Combustible Dust Mythbusting: The facts you need to stay safe

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This webinar occurred on: October 8, 2014

Everyone is talking about combustible dust hazards and OSHA fines, but a combustible dust regulation does not exist…yet. Right now, manufacturing facilities have to match proposed OSHA regulations with existing NFPA standards to determine how to keep people, property and product safe. It’s a minefield of potential misinformation and misunderstandings. Separate fact from fiction and get the right information to select equipment that is safe to collect combustible dust in any environment.

This interactive presentation will provide professionals in EH&S, maintenance and plant operations with,

  • A basic understanding of the combustible dust issue;
  • Review of the most recent NFPA and OSHA standards and recommendations;
  • Critical housekeeping best practices, as they pertain to Nilfisk’s first-hand experiences; and,
  • Q&A time to discuss specific issues.

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This webinar occurred on: October 8, 2014


Daniel Peterson, Product Manager
Daniel Peterson works directly with customers and the Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums sales force to better understand manufacturers’ housekeeping needs and solve their unique challenges. His technical expertise has played a key role in developing Nilfisk’s explosion-proof product line, as well as technical documents and articles that educate and raise awareness on combustible dust.

Gerard Geiger, District Sales Manager
Gerard Geiger is responsible for helping Nilfisk customers choose the right vacuum solution for their facilities and unique housekeeping needs in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. He has visited multiple industrial facilities that are at risk for combustible dust fires and/or explosions. Gerard has developed first-hand knowledge of the challenges and concerns manufacturers face as they attempt to decrease their risk, keep their employees safe and meet government guidelines.

Duration: 1 Hour