Marijuana Legalization: Does it REALLY Pay Big? What You Need to Know

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This webinar occurred on:  August 13, 2014

The marijuana legalization movement projects anywhere from millions to billions of dollars will pour in to the economy through regulation and taxation, virtually eliminating a black market. This sounds great to most people, even those who will likely never use marijuana, believing that we can control and manage a seemingly harmless, recreational drug. But who is asking the question: “At what cost?”

Like it or not, marijuana does cost us … whether it is accidents, injuries, loss of productivity, the inability to find drug-free employees or even the resources to evaluate and enforce public and private policies. As legalization steamrolls ahead, this webinar will help you understand the core issues that will impact your area of expertise and enable you to respond as an informed decision-maker in whatever way marijuana legalization applies to you.

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This webinar occurred on:  August 13, 2014


Jo McGuire,

While serving as the Director for Compliance and Corporate Training in the field of workplace drug and alcohol testing, Jo was appointed to serve on the Governor’s Task Force, convened to recommend a legislative framework for the regulation of marijuana in Colorado. Jo served in this capacity as part of the Taxation, Banking and Civil Law work group, and lent her expertise in the form of recommendations for drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

Jo also serves on the Board of Directors for DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association) and co-chairs the International Marijuana Education Committee with the Board Chairman, Phil DuBois.

Jo has also joined efforts with concerned citizens around the state to support SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) a national effort focused on bringing the proven medical research and scientific data to the forefront of the marijuana commercialization movement.  Jo works closely with national health experts to provide educational information on the importance of public health, pertaining to drug and alcohol testing practices.

As an accomplished writer, speaker and trainer, Jo has traveled extensively to conduct seminars, trainings, conference workshops, webinars and leadership retreats for the public, private and non-profit sector and serves as a consultant for grant writers and project managers.

 Her current project called, “Of Substance Media” will provide a clearinghouse of information and scientific, evidence-based research that will aid and assist in countering the harmful effects of addictive and illicit substances.  


OraSure Technologies

OraSure Technologie, the pioneers of oral fluid drug testing, offers testing products for drugs of abuse, cotinine and alcohol. The Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test offers laboratory confidence with oral fluid convenience. It combines the ease, efficiency, and cost savings of oral fluid collection with increased sample integrity and the accuracy of laboratory-based drug tests.
In addition, Q.E.D.®, our point-of-care alcohol test offers quantitative ethanol detection with a high correlation to blood levels and a testing range of 0-145 mg/dL. Q.E.D.® is CLIA-waived and DOT-approved. And TruTouch is a novel, optically based, non-invasive sensor that quickly and accurately measures alcohol for fit for duty compliance while simultaneously verifying user identity using light through the skin.

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) was founded in 1995 and has grown to represent over 1500 members. DATIA represents the entire spectrum of drug and alcohol service providers including collection sites, laboratories, consortia/TPAs, MROs, employers, and testing equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to promote the highest possible standards of professionalism and quality control in the drug and alcohol testing industry, and develop and oversee education, certification, and accreditation programs for the drug and alcohol testing industry. We serve as the coordinated voice for the industry on regulatory and legislative matters of drug and alcohol testing and collection issues as well as drug free workplace regulatory issues. DATIA actively cooperates with other entities, organizations, and service providers involved with or affected by drug and alcohol testing on common interests and concerns, including but not limited to, substance abuse professionals, substance abuse program administrators, employee assistance professionals, Medical Review Officers, testing laboratories and employer trade associations.

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions offers a full line of FDA-cleared drug testing solutions that enable informed employment decisions. Our laboratory-based and onsite drug testing products deliver fast, accurate, reliable results; and our dedication to providing exceptional service ensures that we’re there when you need us.

Duration: 1 Hour