The 4ʹ Rule: What you need to know about Fall Arrest

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This webinar occured on:  July 25, 2012

Fall protection continues to be one of the most important safety issues in general industry today. This webinar will identify potential fall hazards and describe the best solutions for various environments. The session will particularly focus on fall arrest solutions, discuss relevant OSHA regulations and give examples of rigid rail fall arrest systems available for different applications.

Attendees will learn:

  • The Importance of Fall Protection
  • The Fall Protection Hierarchy
  • Regulations and Standards
  • The ABC’s of a Fall Arrest System
  • The types of Fall Arrest Systems and their benefits

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This webinar occured on:  July 25, 2012


Kevin Duhamel, Gorbel Tether Track™ Product Manager

Kevin Duhamel is a North American product manager with Gorbel Inc. Kevin has more than 15 years of safety industry experience and expertise and has specialized in fall protection since 2008. He is an OSHA certified Fall Protection Competent Trainer and Inspector.


Gorbel’s Crane Technology and Ergonomic Lifting products are the handling equipment you need to get the job done.

Since 1977, Gorbel has specialized in overhead material handling systems, earning a reputation for providing customers with the highest quality products; built to increase productivity, improve safety and offer industry leading performance.

Building on the success of the material handling product lines, Gorbel entered the fall protection category, utilizing rigid rail for fall arrest. Gorbel Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems provide a safe and cost-effective solution for reducing the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Available in multiple configurations, fall protection is easily customizable and satisfies a wide range of applications.

The foundation of Gorbel’s Tether Track™ Fall Arrest Systems is the enclosed track, exclusively designed for easy movement. The enclosed track keeps dirt and dust from settling on the rolling surface, allowing the trolley to move smoothly and remain centered directly over the worker creating a shorter fall distance and reducing the risk of swing fall injuries.

Gorbel Tether Track™ Fall Arrest Systems are designed by qualified engineers to meet the OSHA 1926 Subpart M Construction standard, as well as ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code and NIOSH guidelines.

Duration: 1 Hour