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Introducing GHS Does Not Necessarily Guarantee A Safer Workplace!

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This webinar occured on:  October 19, 2011

This following statement from the OSHA website---- “implementing GHS will enhance worker comprehension, resulting in appropriate handling and use of chemicals” sounds a lot like a guarantee that may never be realized by workers or employers. OSHA further states that “the primary benefit of the GHS is to increase the quality and consistency of information provided to workers, employers and chemical users by adopting a standardized approach to hazard classification, labels and safety data”.

Most employers will argue that their employees never look at the information so how will re-formatting an MSDS, re-classifying hazardous workplace chemicals, providing signal words and pictograms ever make a worker safer? It cannot and will not until and unless employers and employees buy into the fact that there is a real danger associated with using hazardous chemicals. And if the information supplied on the new formatted SDS is still technical and confusing most workers will still choose not to read them and hence the value of adopting these new tools will never be realized.

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This webinar occured on:  October 19, 2011

We invite you to attend a webinar that will demonstrate how you can utilize the new GHS tools to meet the intent of the OSHA standard and provide a safer workplace for your employees.


Tom Jacques, Director of Sales and Marketing for the MAXCOM Services Division of HAAS Group International, Inc. a world leader in chemical management services.

Mr. Jacques co-founded the MAXCOM System, which focuses on classifying workplace chemicals according to their physical and health hazards in a similar manner to GHS.

Duration: 1 Hour