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  • DH Air™

    DH Air™

    A cutting-edge introduction, Westex® DH Air™ is engineered to deliver unprecedented levels of lightweight comfort, dual-hazard protection and guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment. Optimized for superior breathability and bolstered with moisture-wicking properties, this remarkably soft fiber blend is proven to keep workers cool and dry. Plus, with color consistency, DH Air™ is the choice for more than just comfortable protection. It’s the choice for more professional-looking continuous daily wear, too. To learn more, visit

  • Tecasafe One


    Tecasafe® One from TenCate offers extremely breathable, inherent FR performance that's affordable for the masses. Engineered for comfort, the patent-pending weave structure is engineered with soft, next-to-skin fibers on the interior of the fabric, and durable, protective fibers on the outside of the fabric. Tecasafe® One also outperforms the competition in breathability, moisture wicking, and weight without significantly impacting your wallet. Welcome to the New Era of IFR For All. Tecasafe® One—only from TenCate Protective Fabrics. Learn more at



  • Flame-Resistant Clothing For The Flash Fire Hazard: Care, Use and Maintenance

    Even the most comprehensive safety program can only mitigate—not eliminate—risk associated with the flash fire hazard. A reliable and controllable means of protecting employees from harm is the proper use of PPE. In a flash fire context, flame resistant clothing provides further protection and offers a foundational defense. This paper guides safety managers and purchasers in the selection, use, care and maintenance of clothing for flash fire protection that’s compliant with the industry consensus standard NFPA® 2112.

  • Springfield DH Dual Hazard FR Fabric

    This paper is intended to educate the reader about Springfield’s new, inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabric. Springfield DH is engineered to provide permanent protection against flash fires and electrical arc flashes. It is important that a flame-resistant (FR) garment provide an expected degree of protection to the wearer. This paper will address key expectations to consider when making a decision on which fabric provides the optimum protection, comfort, and durability.