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  • PIG® Microbial Oil Stain Remover

    PIG® Microbial Oil Stain Remover

    Break down and eliminate oil and fuel stains with New Pig’s stormwater-safe solution. Our environmentally friendly formula requires no containment or cleanup! Gradually remove oil and fuel stains from pavement and concrete to eliminate rain runoff and sheen emissions. A stormwater-safe solution, the PIG® Microbial Oil Stain Remover can enter storm drains without harming the environment or risking a violation as BioBreaker™ microbes digest hydrocarbons through bioremediation, naturally converting them into water and harmless gases.

  • Keltech Tankless Tempering Systems

  • PIG® Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit


  • OSHA’s Top Ten Citations: A Costly Countdown

    The purpose of this free webinar is to (1) identify the top ten citations given in the most recent year data is available, (2) compare the results to previous years and (3) provide “real-life” examples of the violations that resulted in these citations.

  • Which Facility Safety Improvements Prevent the Most Falls?

    In this free webinar, we will review some of the low-hanging fruit of facility safety improvement—which fall hazards can be addressed to prevent the most injuries, according to the data. We will review these common fall hazards and the respective OSHA standards, and then learn about solutions to address them and create compliance.

  • Explosion Prevention & Protection Options for Dust Collection Systems

    In this free webinar we will discuss how to recognize dangerous combustible dust situations in manufacturing plants and processing facilities. This knowledge will help you to quickly observe an unsafe situation in your everyday work environments, recognize what you are seeing, evaluate whether you or your employees are in harm’s way, and decide what steps to take to make the environment safe.


  • Wisconsin Creamery Combats Dusty Whey Powder

    Ellsworth Co-op Creamery (Ellsworth, WI) processes 1.3 million pounds of milk a day along with fine and dusty whey powder that settles on the floor, ceilings, and machinery.

  • Choosing the Best Equipment Rental Company

    Renting equipment instead of spending large amounts of capital to own the same thing is often justified by today’s tighter budgets, reduced workforce and wide variety of projects. There is a measurement tool available that can provide an accurate and quick way for customers to objectively evaluate and compare the abilities of different equipment rental companies.


  • AAA Attraction Inspections: From Thrills to Chills

    Tag along as a AAA inspector sets out on a mission to find interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile things to see and see and do. Experience environments from museums and zoos to theme parks and zip lines. Learn what make an attraction fun and games — and what doesn't. Discover the attributes that qualify some attractions for the AAA GEM designation, indicating a Great Experience for Members.

  • BP Alaska: UAV Pilot Testing

    In Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, BP conducted pilot testing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to enhance pipeline inspection and safety. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, the Aeryon Scout provides visual inspections of equipment, helping crews assess and respond to maintenance needs. The small rotor-wing aircraft is flown from a hand-held tablet computer. BP Alaska conducted the trials in cooperation with the University of Alaska Fairbanks in fall 2012.

  • NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace

    Paul Dunphy, electrical inspector/compliance coordinator in the Engineering and Utilities Division of Harvard University, discusses the NFPA 70E standard and his work with departments of the cities of Boston and Cambridge. More than 40 electricians work on the Harvard campus, and 70E is very important to how they work and work safely, he says, as he discusses recordkeeping, training, and the introduction of new technologies.