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  • Ansell HyFlex® 11-542

  • MCR Safety 9672DT2 Diamond Tech 2


  • Microflex 93-260: The Thinnest Chemical Resistant Disposable Glove

    Introducing the Microflex 93-260, the new glove that's changing the face of chemical hand protection. With an innovative three layer design, Microflex 93-260 offers the reliable protection workers need when handling chemicals.

  • Providing the Best PPE Is No Guarantee: A Guide to Addressing Human Factors in your PPE Program

    Even the best PPE only works when worn—so how do you get workers to actually wear PPE all the time? PPE compliance is greatly influenced by a person’s state of mind, and being in a rush, frustrated, tired or complacent with hazards affects decisions around PPE compliance in critical moments. This paper addresses how to deal with human factors in your safety program to reduce injuries and improve PPE use among employees.

  • Still trying to... Get The Lead Out

    The most critical steps toward lead hazard abatement are contaminant identification and removal. Researchers from CDC/NIOSH have developed two simple and reliable technologies to achieve these steps easily and without the need for extensive training.


  • INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology In Action

    Explore Ansell's INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology and learn how millions of workers around the world are now protected with HyFlex® gloves that will keep them comfortable and safe from common industrial cut risks.

  • Overview of Revised ANSI/ISEA 105 Standards

    New cut resistance standards from ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) and ISEA (the International Safety Equipment Association) have recently been published. Ansell created this video to make the standards simpler to understand and easier to adopt.

  • Ansell Hyflex® Advanced Mechanical Protection

    Since its creation in 1996, the HyFlex® brand has become the number one selling industrial glove around the world, with a strong global brand awareness. HyFlex is forever gaining critical recognition and market share for its acceptance by workers and safety managers who want the best in hand protection and comfort. In addition to the ergonomic design and protection features, the HyFlex glove range features industry leading technologies --- Ansell Grip Technology, ZONZ Knit Comfort Technology, Intercept Yarn ----that add true benefits to workers who wear them day in and day out. Additionally, HyFlex gloves offer the largest cut-resistant portfolio in the light-duty segment. Recent innovations in the HyFlex portfolio include: HyFlex 11-518, new-to-market ultra-light-weight duty cut-resistant glove; HyFlex 11-618 -- an ultra-light glove maximizing touch and precision in an ergonomic design; HyFlex 11-920 - Proprietary grip technology resulting in a revolutionary combination of excellent grip and oil repellence; HyFlex 11-100 series - designed for micro-electronic work where ESD must be avoided.

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