Drug and Alcohol Testing


  • Pennsylvania Posts Opioid Data Dashboard

    "This information allows us to look at the areas where the opioid crisis is doing the most damage," Acting Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said. "Through this data, we can see where prevention is needed, where rescue can be improved, and where treatment is necessary to help those communities that have been affected the most by the opioid epidemic." More News

  • Free NIST Software Can ID Fentanyl Analogs

    The tool contains an algorithm for searching chemical databases that can recognize new fentanyl analogs even if there are no matches in the chemical databases forensic chemists are using to identify illegal drugs. More News

  • Agreement Reached on Oklahoma Criminal Justice Reforms

    "We continue to urge that funding be provided for up-front mental health and substance abuse treatment, diversion programs, specialty courts, and other focused interventions that help an offender get their life back on track and avoid further criminal activity," said District 11 District Attorney Kevin Buchanan, president of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Association. More News

  • Opioid Overdoses Up 30 Percent Last Year: CDC

    A new Vital Signs report from the agency, based on emergency department data, shows in the nine months through September 2017, overdoses increased across all regions, in most states, for both men and women, and for most age groups. They were up about 30 percent overall, with the largest increases mainly in western states. More News

  • Cascading Effects: Preventing Addiction with Safety

    What we as leaders do and don't can go well beyond just affecting organizational members' work life; it can also impact their personal lives. More News

  • WV Medical Cannabis Board to Recommend Smokable Marijuana

    The board also will recommend removing a cap on the number of growers, processors, and dispensaries in West Virginia. More News



  • Marijuana Safety Road Trip

    NFPA Journal's Jesse Roman takes a trip to Colorado in 2016 to report on the the burgeoning commercial marijuana industry and how public agencies are battling to ensure that marijuana grow and extraction facilities are safe for employees, firefighters, and the public.

  • Boating Safety PSA

    This boating safety public service announcement detailing various important topics to keep everyone safe on the water was created by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist David Glaser.

  • Bath Salts: It's not a fad... It's a Nightmare

    Bath salts are a non-regulated designer drug comprised of a synthetic cathinone, or amphetamine, that can have dangerous and debilitating effects on those who use them. The adverse health effects from bath salt use can range from agitation to lack of appetite, kidney failure, muscle spasms, severe paranoid delusions, and psychosis. Several cases of long-term patient hospitalization and suicide have been reported. For more information from Navy Medicine on Synthetic Drugs and your health, visit http://go.usa.gov/gwhW.