November 2011

November 2011

  • HAND PROTECTION: Cut Performance Levels and Testing
  • FALL PROTECTION: Protecting the Past, Securing the Future
  • CONFINED SPACES: Hazard Recognition to Prevent Future Failures
  • FLU/HEALTH CARE: Stay Healthy on the Job
  • DEFIBRILLATORS & CPR: The Real Story Behind AED Failures
  • HEAD & FACE PROTECTION/PPE: Protection from Whatever They Face
  • RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Filling the Manager's Toolkit
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Cover Story

November 2011

The Real Story Behind AED Failures

By Jerry Laws

Today’s AEDs are more reliable than ever, and recalls have declined.


Hazard Recognition Training to Prevent Future Failures

By Scott Goodwin

With all of the changes in duties expected of emergency responders, it is imperative that we revamp our training methods.

Safety managers and purchasing personnel who consider only cut resistance when selecting hand protection products are missing part of the equation. (Ansell Protective Products photo)

Cut Performance Levels and Testing

By Bill Bennett, Jeff Moreland

Know what the levels represent because the responsibility for testing products for specific end-user applications still rests with the end user.

Protection From Whatever They Face

By Linda J. Sherrard

This has been a brutal year for many. It’s the perfect time to cast a fresh approach to your head and face protection program.

Filling the Manager's Toolkit

By Jerry Laws

Jim Johnson, past chairman of AIHA’s Respiratory Protection Committee, said he hopes training modules will be ready by the 2012 AIHce conference in Indianapolis.

Flu experts recommend getting vaccinated annually. But taking health-promoting actions can prevent the common cold or flu from occurring altogether.

Stay Healthy on the Job This Cold & Flu Season

By Isaac Eliaz

To stay healthy throughout our lives, our immune systems need proper training and the right support.

After the DPA Safety products show has concluded, DPA holds the conference for its Janitorial/Sanitary market segment back to back, in the same location. (DPA Buying Group photo)

Family Ties

By Jerry Laws

"DPA's Safety Division is the fastest growing of the group's four market segments. We are getting so many requests from suppliers and distributors to join that we unfortunately have to turn many companies away."

Ready to Run

By Jerry Laws

The future looks bright as Lawson Products Inc. nears the end of a major transformation in its sales approach, products, and infrastructure.

Using an external fall protection consultant to verify systems provides valuable expertise and unbiased insight.

Protecting the Past, Securing the Future

By Marjory E. Anderson, Kevin E. Wilcox

The Architect of the Capitol focuses on fall protection that meets the most current ANSI standards.


Unmanaged Risk in the Gulf

By Jerry Laws

The report warns us that even a giant energy producer may ignore warnings and fail to analyze risks properly.

12-Step Leadership

By Robert Pater

Cycle through the 12 Steps for Effective Leadership, each time with greater nuance, on a higher level.