January 2010 Cover

January 2010

  • CONSTRUCTION SAFETY: VPPAC's Michael Hayslip Offers a Road Map
  • FALL PROTECTION: New ANSI Z359 Standards Explained
  • INCENTIVES: Don't Cancel Them During a Downturn
  • RUGGED COMPUTING: Creating Mission-Critical Equipment

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Cover Story

Fire Safety

Ensuring Industrial Lone Workers' Safety

By Craig A. Walker

This article focuses on the issue of lone worker safety in the industrial workplace in industries both large and small. The first point of order is to define just what is meant by a "lone worker."


Microtechnology vs. Nanotechnology

By Paul Harris

Are you getting the highest levels of respiratory protection that are currently available today?

Are We Bought In Yet?

By Michael W. Hayslip

Buy-in. It is a critical element to a valued safety and health process. The problem is, no one seems to be able to agree on how best to get there from here.

Should You Cancel Your Incentive Programs During the Recession?

By Spencer Toomey

The economy is bad, business is down, and companies are laying off employees in record numbers. They need to cut expenses. An easy target is the company's incentive program. It doesn't produce goods, make sales calls, clean the building, or repair equipment. It just costs money the company doesn't have. Or does it?

Robert Augeri

Safety Tips for Roadway Work Zones

By Barbara Mulhern, T.J. Lentz

June 3, 2008, turned into a nightmare for Chris and Janet Augeri. Instead of celebrating their son Rob's 31st birthday, they were making plans for his funeral.

Change in PPE Fall Protection Standard

New ANSI Fall Protection Standards: What They Mean to You

By Thomas Kramer, Nolan Miller, P.E., C.S.P.

Learning how to minimize the risk of potentially dangerous or fatal fall hazards allows organizations to take a proactive approach to worker safety. In November 2007, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) released a comprehensive family of standards, known as the Z359 standard or "Fall Protection Code," to help organizations learn how to reduce risk.

Panasonic System Solutions Health Facility Computer

Keeping Health Facilities Humming

By OH&S Staff

Building a mobile computer for health care involved totally sealing it and adding features such as a fingerprint reader for biometric sign-in, an integrated camera, and a built-in bar code scanner for scanning patients' wrist bands and medicines, said Greg Davidson, Senior Business Development Manager for Health Care for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company (Secaucus, N.J.). He talked about creating computers for these and other challenging environments during a Dec. 1 conversation with OH&S Editor Jerry Laws.


Executive Ergonomics

By Robert Pater

Executives are people first. Sounds obvious, but this is key to heightening active support for Safety and Health from your company's apex.