August 2003

Cover Story

Reviving Turnout Gear

By John Schenck

FOR many years, it has been recognized that turnout gear needs to be maintained in order for the firefighter to receive full benefit from the standards under which the gear was manufactured. Maintenance is required for both safety and economic reasons.


Cargo Container Security

By Werner R. Haag, Ph.D., Bob Durstenfeld, Peter Fuhr, Ph.D., Peter Hsi, Ph.D., Joseph Ng

EACH year, $12.5 trillion of merchandise is traded worldwide, using more than 200 million intermodal containers. Ninety percent of these shipments are between seaports.1 Unsecured freight represents a global security threat, both in terms of potentially lost merchandise value and the crippling of the global trading economy.

To Whom Do You Turn?

By Jeff Beeler

MANY articles in safety magazines address the subject of confined space rescue, so everyone should be familiar with 1910.146 (d)(9). It states that a company entering permit-required confined spaces must: "Develop and implement procedures for summoning rescue and emergency services, for rescuing entrants from permit spaces . . . ."

Installed Fire Protection: Water Supply and Standpipe Systems

By R. Craig Schroll

THIS article is intended to provide a brief overview of water supplies for fire protection and standpipe systems. It is not a code compliance article. For detailed requirements, check with your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

The Elements of Confined Space Success

Protective Apparel Goes International

By Jerry Laws


Genetic profiling has potential, says NIOSH's director.

Genetics On the Job

By Jerry Laws

I am a fan of the movie "Minority Report," in which a trio of seers visualized violent crimes before they happened. Armed with infallible foreknowledge, pre-crime police swooped down to arrest criminals who had not yet committed their crimes. Once locked away, they would never commit them.

Hearing Help for Those Who Need It

By Valerie Weadock

Paul Dragul, M.D., is not a marriage therapist, but he often hears this complaint in his line of work. Instead of marital counseling, he recommends a hearing test and the use of ear plugs while at work.