Sep 15

Emerald Downs

Keynote Speaker: John Nance, JD, ABC Analyst, Professional Speaker, Author, Consultant Re-Humanizing Human Institutions Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-19th Century, all modern societies have struggled to make things more efficient in human institutions by finding ways of removing human-caused uncertainties and vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, that was the wrong path, as over-automation efforts in aviation continue to demonstrate. In extremely complex professions, such as healthcare, the challenge has been (and is) fully embracing and institutionally understanding our human failings. Indeed, the staggering preventable death toll in American hospitals of 440-thousand per year will not change until we learn these lessons. Join John Nance as he shares his insight on these topics and more. Organization of Future “Office” Work Space Traditional “office work” is disappearing, or at least changing due to an evolution in technology and the emerging workforce. Today, “work” occur in cars, hotels, airports, home offices and coffee shops. This series of presentations will challenge the audience to consider designs for the mobile workforce, impact to risk management and social implications. Advanced Manufacturing The need for improvements in productivity, quality, profits and protection of human life have challenged scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs to design software and equipment that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Success Stories in Industry Applying the basic principles of human factors and ergonomics to problems in the service, retail and manufacturing environments can yield a workplace that is safer, more productive and more enjoyable. These success stories highlight our premise.