Apr 12 - 13

Omni Houston Hotel at Westside

Striving for workplace safety excellence is the best way for a company to protect and invest in its greatest resource, its employees. Workplace safety has been a priority for many years, but the strategies that have become standards are outdated, and this has led to hefty insurance claims, employee dissent and falling retention rates, and lackluster leadership development programs. The Future of Safety Excellence (‘FuSE’) 2016 conference will explore and engage the best methods and practices to apply in order to endow a company’s current and future leaders with an understanding and appreciation for the 21st century workplace culture. ‘FuSE’ has been designed to be convenient, timely, and beneficial to all attendees in ways that are practical, motivational, and relevant. The conference will provide companies spanning several key sectors with the opportunity and the platform to network, learn, and grow. Some of the issues that will be addressed include: -What ‘safety culture’ is and why it is essential for the long-term success of a company -Transparency and incentives for safety excellence -Twenty-first century technology and how workplace safety has and will continue to evolve from corporate policy to corporate culture -Safety culture as a key to quality of leadership and development